A valley in Yunnan Province becomes super bright when spring arrives. This valley filled with canola flowers is very striking in yellow. Flower plantations are indeed often tourist attractions. Like the Luoping area in China, as summarized from various sources.

Luoping is a district in Yunnan Province, China. This area became the original residence of ethnic Buyis, but we don’t review that. The exciting thing that will discuss is the valley is Luoping. As one of the canola flower plantations, Luoping provides a different view for tourists.

Best Time To Enjoy Luoping

When spring comes, the area of ​​the valley used as flower plantations will look very striking. A sea of ​​canola flowers is blooming, giving a yellow colour to the whole valley. Like in a paradise garden, tourists can enjoy the beauty of these flowers while taking pictures. But you should hold on; the garden will be damaged.

Canola Field

These flowers will bloom from February to March. The local government is also preparing the Canola Flower Tourism Festival every year. So tourists can enjoy the beauty of the canola flower from Luoping. All of these flowers used to grow naturally.

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Luoping climate is different from another mainland China, making canola flowers flourish without having to be treated. But because now it has become a tourist area, canola flower growth is well maintained so that every year produces beautiful flowers.

Things To Do in Luoping County

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this yellow valley, there are several recommended tourist spots. Try Lugosi Field, Jinji Peak, Yuanyang Rice Terrace, Jiulong Waterfalls, Dongchuan Red Soil and Snow Mountain to be the best place to enjoy the beauty of canola. Because of the extent, this place gets the title as the most extensive natural flower garden in the world. It’s already the biggest; it’s yellow too!

When you’re here, don’t just look at the beauty of the Luoping Yellow Valley. You can also enjoy natural honey which is livestock by local residents.

Luoping County

How to Get Luoping

Utilizing the Bus

  • Kunming to Luoping, To visit Luoping is very easy, you can begin the trip from Kunming city by bus. There are 25 buses from the Kunming East Bus Terminal ( 昆明 东部 客运站 )to Luoping every day. The bus leaves every 40 mins from 07:00 am. The last bus leaves at 18:20. It takes about 3.5 hrs to drive from Kunming to Luoping.
  • Yuanyang to Luoping, If you take a trip to Yuanyang initially, you can take a bus from Yuanyang to Luoping straight. Tak Yuanyang-Gejiu-Mile-Luxi-Shizong and take 7-8 hrs. The bus fare is around CNY 60-70 each one way.

Utilizing the Train

As a whole, the Kunming train terminal is a transportation station to Luoping. There is a fast tourism train in between Kunming and also Luoping during the Rape Flower Celebration annually. Furthermore, trains on the Nanning-Kunming line have quit at Luoping Train Station.

There are 4 rapid trains to Luoping from Kunming daily. Train fare from Kunming to Luoping around CNY 37-140 each one way. If you are travelling from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanning, Guiyang, and so on to Luoping, we suggest that you take the train to Kunming initially, then transit the train to Luoping, it will certainly be very useful to save time, since just a couple of slower long-distance trains are will have a stop at Luoping Terminal.

Maps of Luoping County

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