Good news for you, Nickelodeon cartoon lover. Now you can meet all your favorite Nickelodeon characters in New Jersey, United States.

The 8.5 hectares Nickelodeon Universe will be the largest amusement park in North America. Reporting from CNN, this amusement park will open on October 25 at the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This amusement park has more than 35 rides, roller coasters, and attractions. Various Nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob, Dora The Explorer, and Ninja Turtles can be seen here.

Meet Nickelodeon Characters in Nickelodeon Universe

One of the park’s mainstays rides is a roller coaster named Shellraiser, which features a drop as high as 122 feet or about 37 meters! Also, visitors can enjoy Nickelodeon slime on the Nickelodeon Slime Stage. Ticket prices for public rides are set at the US $ 39.99. For those of you who are interested in a more thrilling experience, there is an all-access ticket for the US $ 49.99. Meanwhile, children under 2 are free.

Meet Nickelodeon Characters in Nickelodeon Universe

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Not only Nickelodeon Universe, an ice rink the size of the American Dream NHL will open on October 25. This place will be used for skating areas that are open to the public as well as skating and hockey competitions. In November, DreamWorks Water Park will also present. The park will feature more than 40 water slides and 15 other attractions. Nickelodeon Universe is open every Monday to Saturday 10-21.30 local time and Sunday 11.00-19.00 local time.

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