Meet ‘Peppa Pig’ in England in Peppa Pig World London

You must know the character of Peppa Pig. There is an interesting vehicle that is suitable for families in Southampton, England.

Hi George! Hi Peppa! Greetings are two cute pig figures with British thick accents in the Peppa Pig cartoon above so attached. Simple with strong accents. The cartoon is now present in the real world in Southampton, England.

“Universal already exists in Singapore. Harry Potter is also already at Universal Osaka. What only exists in London, England and not in Asia? After I checked, it turned out that it was only Peppa Pig World,” said a tourist, Chlara Manzanres Saputra told.

Based on the above considerations, Chlara and her family put Peppa Pig World on the itinerary list for a walk in London. No less powerful reason, his daughter, Sidney L Saputra likes Peppa Pig so much. Because the cartoon was seen almost every day by his daughter who was just the 3rd birthday on Youtube.

“For Legoland, it’s in Malaysia,” Chlara said.

Peppa Pig World is one of the four rides in Paultons Park. 3 Others are Lost Kingdom, Critter Creek, and Little Africa. Total rides in Paultons Park are more than 70 types.

When entering Peppa Pig World, tourists are immediately welcomed by the Peppa family home on the top of a small hill. After that, tourists can enjoy dozens of attractions wrapped in Peppa Pig trinkets. The more complete, at certain hours, there is also a photo together with Peppa Pig.

Paultons Park is located in the Paultons Estate area of ​​3 thousand hectares. The land has a long history since 1269 ago. Since 1983, the Paultons Park was opened as a state park and bird park.

How to get to Peppa Pig World? To reach Paultons Park, you can use a private car from London with a distance of about 120 Km.

When using public transportation, you can choose to use the train from Waterloo Station, London to Southampton Central Station with a travel time of 1.5 hours. When buying tickets on the spot, the ticket price is approximately GBP 250 for going home. As for children, it’s still free.

Along the way to Southampton, tourists are pampered with a green expanse of wheat plantations like those on Microsoft’s wallpaper. Dozens of cows and sheep also looked clustered of grass on the expanse of the field. Not to mention unique English country houses. As a result, 1.5 hours is a journey that is not boring.

Arriving at Southampton Central Station, tourists just walk to the bus stop. From there, take the red X7 bus to get to Paultons Park. This GBP 5 bus ticket is valid for going home, so don’t lose it!

The bus then divides the small city, with neat streets and typical English houses. After escaping from the city, the road through the plantation that was treated neatly and charming green. After traveling for approximately 30-50 minutes, the bus arrives at the Paultons Park parking lot.

This bus only serves until 17.30 local time. So before that time, immediately returned home shortly after Paultons Park closed at 5:00 p.m.

For tickets, the cheaper Paultons Parks themselves are purchased online at the website. For children who are less than 1 meter tall, there is no charge. Paultons Park does not free tickets based on age but based on height. With tickets in hand, we can enjoy all the rides, without the slightest additional cost.

Then, how famous is Peppa Pig in England? It turns out that the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are big fans of Peppa Pig. And George often asked his mother and father to watch the program with him.

“I had to pretend to be interested in that because George was very disappointed if I did not show interest in the character,” Prince William said when interviewed by Radio 1 some time ago.

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