A lake called Monte Neme is the target of travel bloggers because of its beauty. But behind its beautiful face, the lake is poisonous. Lake Novosibirsk TEZ-5 in Russia is the target of photos because of its beauty. Similarly, this one, named Monte Neme, was spotted by Landdisposition.com from various sources.

Monte Neme is a former mining lake in Galicia, Spain. This lake is a new attraction targeted because of the beauty of its turquoise and hidden face. But many people don’t know, this lake is apparently poisonous. This is because of its history in the past. During the era of World War II, Monte Neme was a former mine excavation. Then this mine was officially abandoned in the 1980s.

Began to be abandoned, eventually, the former excavation of the mine became a place for waste disposal and contaminated alias toxic. But because of the chemicals thrown into this place, Monte Neme actually has beautiful colours.

Monte Neme

Because it is toxic, Monte Neme has the nickname of the Chernobyl Galician. But this did not dampen the enthusiasm of tourists to see Monte Neme. Not just taking pictures. Many tourists who can’t stand the beauty and try to play on this lake. The result is no doubt. Touching water Monte Neme means getting ready for the hospital.

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The toxic water of the Galician Chernobyl causes tremendous pain in the human body. Most of the victims have eye irritation, skin rashes, itching, vomiting, and even diarrhoea. All caused by contamination of hazardous chemicals that are dumped in this lake.

Funny thing is, most of them already know that this lake is poisonous. According to the traveller, the injuries obtained are commensurate with the results of the photos produced. Now groups of environmentalists in Galicia are asking the local government to give a sign of danger in the area of ​​Lake Monte Neme. They are afraid of increasing casualties from this beautiful lake.

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