Mosfilm, Film Property in Russia’s Biggest Studio

Although less well-known, Mosfilm in Moscow is one of the oldest studios. Inside is a ghost town property that a traveler can visit.

The name is a film studio, of course, there are various properties that are used for the purpose of making films. Besides Hollywood in the US, there is also Mosfilm in Russia that is no less cool.

Operating since 1920, Mosfilm has produced around 3,000 films with various themes. One of the most interesting is perhaps a dramatic, war-themed film.

For this purpose, Mosfilm also has a large area that is filled by the home property until the car falls apart. At first glance, it looks like an abandoned ghost city.

But not only being a studio property, but a traveler also had the opportunity to visit and see it in person. Viewed from the official website, there is an excursion program around the film studio for interested fans.

On weekdays from June to August, there is a tour program for Studio Mosfilm from 10:00 to 18:30 local time. Later visitors will be invited to go around and see the film properties up close.

Its properties also varied from the ghost town themed World War II to Copenhagen which was used for the Hans Christian Anderson film. Then there is also a collection of retro cars that are still maintained and used for film properties. As an estimate, the excise fee is 460 rubles for adults and 310 rubles for children.

Mosfilm Museum

In a few corridors of the Mosfilm gallery, the components of the different landscape are gathered – the old Copenhagen from the film “Andersen. Zhizn bez lyubvi” (Andersen. An existence Without Love) by Eldar Ryazanov, a reproduction of the immense bull, in the remains of which specialists put harmed Cesare Borgia in the film “Yady Ili Vsemirnaya Istoria otravleny” (Poisons or the World History of Poisoning), antiquated postal and regal carriages, and substantially more.

The feature of our accumulation is vintage autos. Peugeot phaeton made in 1913, open Rolls-Royce cabriolet of 1913, Russo-Balt of 1913 – every one of these vehicles feel truly great in XXI century. Every one of them is reestablished, taken back to a working request and, notwithstanding their age, appear as though they have quite recently originated from the transport line.

Our gathering of ensembles is a subject of the incredible intrigue. In the exhibited article you will see the dress that Elen from “War and Peace” by S. Bondarchuk wore, Andrey Rublev’s priest garments from the film of a similar name by Andrey Tarkovsky, the lavish pixie ensembles from the film “Skazka o tsare Saltane” (The Tale of Tsar Saltan) by A.Ptushko, the tsar’s outfit from the film “Boris Godunov” by S. Bondarchuk, and numerous others.

Some of them are spoken to in Russia in a solitary duplicate. Each show has a surprising story behind it. The celebrated Volga could be seen in such movies as “Beregis’ Avtomobilya” (Beware of the Car) and “Brilliantovaya Ruka” (The Diamond Arm). “Mercedes-Benz” delivered in 1938 was a vehicle wherein Stirlitz went in “17 mgnoveniy vesny” (Seventeen Moments of Spring), Buick-Eight made in 1941 once had a place with the Manchurian ruler Henry Puyi. The Packard vehicle made in 1937 for quite a while was the official vehicle of the Soviet political first class – Voroshilov and the amazing pilot Chkalov rode in the vehicle of this sort. Here you can likewise observe the unbelievable legislative autos ZIL-101 of the year 1936 and ZIS-110 of the year 1945, trucks, types of transport and military vehicles from the seasons of the first and second World Wars.

The article of the historical center is evolving always, in light of the fact that numerous displays are as yet utilized in movies, so when a few things are sent to the film set, others are taken from the most extravagant gathering of the studio.

Maybe you are interested in visiting while on vacation in Moskow, Russia?

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