Mount Popa Monastery, Holy Temple in Myanmar’s Volcanic Crater

In Myanmar, there is a unique place, Mount Popa Monastery. It is located in a volcanic crater and is said to be where spirits live. From various sources compiled by Landdisposition, Taung Kalat is a holy monastery in Mandalay, Myanmar. Looking back, this temple dates back to the 19th century.

What makes this temple steal attention is its location. If an ordinary temple on the mainland is easily reached, Taung Kalat is quite challenging. This monastery has become a unique tourist attraction in Myanmar. Taung Kalat Temple and Monastery is located exactly on Mount Popa, 737 meters above sea level. Popa is a dead volcano. Popa erupted for the last time in the 5th century BC.

Not at the top of the mountain, this beautiful temple was built right in the crater of Mount Popa. Of course not dangerous because this crater is dead. According to local beliefs, Taung Kalat is a sacred place that is respected by Buddhists. Besides being holy, this mythical temple and monastery became a place where spirits lived.

To get to this temple, tourists must challenge themselves to exercise. There are 777 steps that must be traversed to reach Taung Kalat. At the bottom, the stairs are still wide. The more up, the stairs will be increasingly narrow and difficult. Because the right and left sides of the stairs are full of souvenir shops and food vendors.

The stairs are roofed with asbestos, the sides of the stairs are lined with wood. Don’t worry about the heat. Being in the mountain area makes Taung Kalat crowded with wild animals such as monkeys. These monkeys roam the stairs in search of leftovers. Hanging items usually attract the attention of these monkeys.

On top of the monastery, a traveler will be presented with an amazingly beautiful view. Especially at dusk. The orange bias in the sky is truly charming. This monastery is usually visited during the Nayon Festival. The Nayon Festival is held on June 1 every year.

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