Napoli Sotterranea, Italian Underground World which is 2,500 Years Old

The city of Naples in Italy has an attractive destination for travelers. The beautiful Naples seems to have an underground network that has been around for thousands of years.

Underground destinations are always interesting to explore. Italy also keeps underground networks since 2,500 years ago, as collected by Land disposition from various sources.

This underground network is called the Napoli Sotterranea or Naples Underground. Down here, there are lanes, tunnels, and caves of Roman hideouts.

The Naples Underground was built 450 meters below the city. The entrance is a building with a gate and Napoli Sotterranea written on it.

Napoli Sotterranea itself is a geothermal zone that was built by the Greeks in the 4th century BC. Then, this place is called Neapolis which means New City.

Not until that, this geothermal zone consists entirely of tuffs which are volcanic rocks. Amazingly, this underground network was very well built.

The Romans continued the work of the former Greeks by using the space available as a place to store clean water. Then the tunnel was built as its water channel.

Entering World War II, Naples Underground is used as a place to protect air strikes. This legacy is still seen in the form of weapons and vehicles used in the tunnel.

Polished in such a way, now Naples Underground is an underground destination that is a pity to miss. Because the first Hypogeum Park in the world can be found here.

This is an experiment to grow plants far from pollution and a little light. This park is given a UV lamp instead of the sun.

When traveling around Naples Underground, a traveler will find an optional route. This path is a narrow tunnel with no light. A traveler who wants to explore it can use candles as lighting.

Besides the park, there are also remnants of the Neapolis Greco-Roman theater. It is said that in this theater there is a private room for Emperor Nero!

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