To fill your vacation, try staying at a unique hotel in Osaka. There you can stay overnight with an adorable Japanese cat.

Japan does not seem to make sense to please tourists. Cat lovers can be happy because after opening a cat cafe, now Japan also has a cat capsule hotel. What does it look like?

The cat capsule hotel named Neko Hatago was built by the Neco Republic, a company engaged in cat welfare. During this time the company does accommodate and care for wild cats. The Neco Republic has previously launched a cat cafe innovation called Neko Yokujo.

The two buildings are located next to each other, more precisely just glass panels separated. So, hotel guests can freely see the cats wandering in the cat cafe from the window of their room. But don’t worry, this window can only look towards the cafe so the people in the cafe won’t be able to see the hotel guest rooms.

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Various types of capsule rooms are also available here. Some are for one person and some are suitable for two people. Rental prices for the night range between 8,500-11,500 yen excluding tax. If you are not satisfied with just seeing a cat through the glass, hotel guests can also play directly with the cat. Guests are allowed to borrow radio controlled toys to attract cats. Guests can also enter the cat cafe using a voucher worth 3,000 yen which is valid for 2 hours.

Uniquely, Neko Hatago also offers bathing facilities with cats, where hotel guests will share bathrooms with cats. There is also a spa here, where hotel guests will spa while playing with cats. If you want to enjoy this facility, guests will be charged 500 yen for 10 minutes.

If you are interested in one of the cats, you can also discuss it with the Neco Republic to adopt it. Because basically all cats are street cats who are looking for a new home for a better life. Neko Hatago is located in Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Shimanouchi 1-14-29. The hotel is planned to open on December 16, 2019. Part of the profits from this hotel will be allocated for cat food and medical expenses for cats that need it.

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