Saudi Arabia is undertaking a variety of mega tourism projects, one of which is building the Neom City, which has been projected to be the most futuristic city in the world. Recognizing the country’s dependence on oil products, Saudi Arabia also moves to glance at other potentials. This rich country will also focus on becoming a world tourism destination.

A variety of mega tourism projects have even been launched even started. One of them is to build Neom City, a futuristic city candidate in Saudi Arabia. Summarized from various sources, Neom will build in an area of ​​26,500 square kilometres. The project plans to conjure up a barren land near the Suez Canal, alongside the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba.

Predict that the construction of Neom City will require funds of USD 500 billion with a construction period of 40 years. Neom will be the centre of the future for the world in various ways. Here are the facts you need to know about Neom, a futuristic city candidate in Saudi Arabia.

The Area of ​​Neom is 33 times the City of New York.

The Neom project will be built in an area of ​​26,500 square kilometres. Neom’s city area is 33 times the area of ​​New York City or 35 times the area of ​​Singapore and will contain more than 450 Km of coastline. This project is often said to be ‘the most ambitious project in the world’ because the planning of the City of Neom is not half-hearted. Later Neom will become a centre for the development of a variety of technologies in various sectors.

Neom city

Cities with Unbeatable Sophistication

Later, the Neom area will accommodate areas dedicated to future technology in 16 sectors namely energy, water, mobility, biotech, food, manufacturing, media, entertainment, technology and digital, tourism, sports, design construction, service, health, education and quality of life.

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There will also be a construction village that contains a green area with gardens, vegetable plots and ornamental gardens — equipped with a soccer field, gymnasium, tennis and basketball court, and others. The point is that Neom will become a home for the development of science and technology of the future.

What was once just imagination, will be realized by the City of Neom. What do you imagine living in a desert area? There is no water source, edible plants or green land for farming. But, what will be conjured up in the City of Neom, and the desert can be a place of human life with all its sophistication.

We start from the future energy in the City of Neom. Here will later use solar panels and turbines to source energy that drives the city. This will be a low-cost energy source, environmentally friendly and far from the word pollution. Neom scientists will also pioneer energy sources for the future, storage and work power. Starting from water, gas, oil, sun, wind, algae and all kinds of new energy that the world has never thought.

Not only there, but all the things that were once imaginary will also be in Neom. Robots that can interact, flying cars and even replicas of dinosaurs will also build. In addition to education, there will be holographic teachers who teach students. Without the need for face to face again, right?

For food sources, you will find a variety of desserts that are processed without the need for water — also a variety of plants that grow without the need for fertile soil. And there’s still a lot of sophistication that will shock the world!

Neom city

Sophisticated World-class Entertainment and Tourism Centre

Can you imagine how hot the desert area is? This is what transformed Neom into a tourist site that has everything — starting from the scenery, the ocean, social culture, art, and world-class entertainment. Being in the Red Sea line, it said later that at night the sand on the Neom beaches can glow in the dark. Under the sea, which is rich in beautiful shells will be bred so that the wealth of the sea is more abundant.

In introducing the city, Neom illustrates with Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay in marketing. Neom pointed out that, most likely looking for Asian markets. Saudi Arabia’s cultural and historical riches blended with dramatic desert and mountainous landscapes. This creates a natural landscape that is worth visiting the world. Also, this beautiful stretch of nature creates new sports that are beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Surely you’re curious, what will happen there?

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For entertainment, tourists who come can enjoy the world’s largest futuristic park in the heart of the city. There are also endless natural parks, art galleries, museums and archaeology, cultural experiences that are supported by technology that has never been shown before.

Neom is also open to a variety of innovations that have helped the evolution of their industry. Such as AR / VR is a dressing room, temperature modifying cloth, and others. Enjoy the elite shopping atmosphere in the marina waters with a restaurant, equipped with entertainment and visual arts stage.

It Takes 40 Years to Build

Large development areas, large amounts of funds, and futuristic designs take a long time. It estimated that it took 40 years of work from Neom City. The development will also be carried out in stages, and the first phase will finish in 2025. The progress that can mention Neom Airport, which is nearing completion and has recorded as an official international airport.

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