Nepal is the only country in the world with a unique form of the flag. Not a square, but like two overlapping triangles. What does mean?

If you mention the unique flag in the world, then Nepal is the answer. The shape of the flag of an independent country in 1923 from Britain was in the form of two triangles. It is summarized by from various sources, the unique shape of the Nepalese flag used as a national flag on December 16, 1962.

Three versions are stating why the flag of Nepal is a triangle. When other countries have adjusted their national flags to European standards, Nepal is the only country that has chosen to keep the traditional shape of the triangle. The triangle flag is a normal culture in South Asia, like the Hindu and Khanda flags, the symbol of the Sikh (a belief in the Punjab region).

Flag Symbols and Meanings

The Nepal flag as a symbol also has a special meaning:

  • First, the triangle symbolizes the Nepal mountainous region. No doubt, this country is indeed crossed by the Himalayan Mountains with many triangular peaks.
  • Secondly, the triangles are the flags of Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms in Asia from ancient times. Nepal also wants to maintain this.
  • Third, the two triangles on the Nepalese flag symbolize the two dynasties that once ruled in Nepal. The two families were the Shah and Rana dynasties. The red color, the background of the flag, symbolizes courage. While the border of the flag is blue, symbolizing peace.

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On the flag of the country of Nepal, there is also a symbol of the crescent moon at the top and the sun at the bottom. The symbols illustrate how cold and warm Nepal is. Investigate a calibration, Prithvi Narayan Shah has worn the triangle-shaped Nepalese flag. He was a man who united all the kingdoms in Nepal in 1768.

Nepal Flag

Many people are wrong when drawing the Nepalese flag. This is because it is necessary to understand the formula based on the provisions in the Nepalese law. The trick is, from point A, draw an AC line perpendicular to AB, followed by making an FG line in the middle of the AC line. Then, make point D in the middle of the FC line followed by connecting point G to C and connecting point B to D. Now, form the Nepalese flag.

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