There is one unique natural phenomenon, maybe you don’t know yet. Above the sea, towering tall, slender cliffs. Just like a wall! This phenomenon is located off the coast in Ballycastle, Ireland. Its name is Dun Briste which is a cliff like a wall above the sea.

Dun Briste is 228 meters off the coast of Ballycastle. Dun Briste is a cliff 63 meters long and 23 meters wide. Its height reaches 45 meters, making the cliff really look like a giant wall in the middle of the sea!

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There is a legend about Dun Briste. In the past, one Crom Dubh refused to enter Christian teachings delivered by St. Patrick, a missionary who spread Christian teachings in Ireland. Refusing, finally St. Patrick put his bishop to the ground and the land inhabited by Crom Dubh was separated from the mainland. Crom Dubh even left his life alone and died there.

Wall in ocean

Meanwhile, the researchers considered Dun Briste separate from land in 1393 due to possible natural events such as earthquakes. The cliff shifts to the middle of the ocean and remains firmly towering until now.

When in the area, be sure to take a short trip to visit the Cide Fields Visitor Center in Ballycastle. Céide Fields is the oldest known Stone Age field system in Europe. The remains of ancient bricks, settlements, and megalithic tombs have been preserved here thanks to the protective swamp environment. That is amazing.

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