Currently, the movie Frozen 2 has begun. Do you know that the film, and the prequel, apparently took a Norwegian background as inspiration? Let’s look at the connection of Frozen with Norway.

Frozen is one of Disney’s most successful animated films. The film released in 2013 reached the box office with a total revenue of USD 1.276 billion. Not enough with the success of the first film, Disney released the sequel to this film, titled Frozen 2.

The film Frozen has the root of the story of the snow queen fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Well, the writer from Denmark uses Norway as the inspiration for the story. Andersen is so close to Norwegian culture because this country was once a Danish colony in 1380 to 1814.

Norway, Become a Country that Inspires Frozen 2

The selection of Norway as a Frozen inspiration can be seen from the geographical and views of Arandelle, the country led by Elsa. According to Frozen art director, Michael Giaimo, Arandelle is a fusion of Trondheim, Bergen, villages in the fairytale Balestrand, and Oslo in Norway.

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The architecture of the buildings in Frozen also bears a striking resemblance to the original buildings in Norway such as Akershus Fortress Castle, Stiftsgarden Palace, to the Church of Sts. Olaf In addition, Frozen fans also often equate the Kingdom of Arandelle with the City of Arendal in Southern Norway.

The film also pays close attention to detail by placing Rosemaling, namely decorative paintings on buildings, sofas, cutlery, and clothing. Rosemaling is an art from the Sami Tribe, a native of Finno-Ugrik who lives in the Arctic Sapmi region. Now the part includes Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. Rosemaling usually found in the clothing of the Sami.

Another uniqueness of this film is the dress worn by Elsa, Anna, and Arandelle women who were inspired by traditional Norwegian clothing. This outfit is called Bunad. One of the places where we can see this clothing collection is at the Norsk Folk museum.

In terms of language, especially the language when pastors speak in this film is also an ancient Norwegian language or called Norwegian Viking. This language can be found in books written using rune letters. The uniqueness of rune letters is that they do not have curved letters. At that time, Norwegians only wrote on stone and wood, so it was challenging to write curved letters.

The frozen movie also adapted Norwegian mythology about trolls. Unlike the Norwegian version where trolls described as being scary and feared, trolls in Frozen described as being cheerful and friendly. They can also turn into stone in this film.

Those are some things from Norway that inspired the making of Frozen movie.

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