Novosibirsk, This Beautiful Russian Lake Hiding Deadly Secrets

At a glance, the lake in Russia known as the Novosibirsk looks beautiful and clear like the sea in the Maldives. However, behind it is a deadly secret. Located in Siberia, Lake Novosibirsk is becoming a favorite among Russian Instagramers. Often referred to as Maldives Lake, a glimpse of the lake that has turquoise green is indeed so charming and beautiful to the eye.

As a result of his charm, not a few tourists come to the lake to take pictures in a bikini to the style picnic. The majority of the goals are only one, looking for content for Instagram feeds. Only, it turns out this beautiful lake is not as beautiful as reality. Reported by Landdisposition from CNN, it turns out the water in the lake is storing poisons that can be dangerous to humans.

Novosibirsk This Beautiful Russian Lake Hiding Deadly Secrets

In fact, the lake is only artificial or artificial and stores chemical liquids from nearby coal power plants. In short, the lake is a place to dump ash and other chemicals. Explained by a spokesman from the Siberian Generating Company, it has told everyone about the dangerous chemical content in the lake which can cause skin irritation. It’s just that the power of photos on social media seems to defeat these dangerous facts.

Novosibirsk This Beautiful Russian Lake Hiding Deadly Secrets

“Last week, our ash deposit in Novosibirsk Maldives has become a social media star, but you can’t swim in ash dumps. The water stores high alkaline. Direct contact with the skin can cause allergic reactions,” said a company spokesman who unnamed.

Through further research, lake water stores a variety of dangerous metal compounds. High Alkaline levels with a pH of more than 8 are also considered to contribute to the blue color of the lake.

“We know that the lake is poisonous and we did not enter it,” said Maria Zheleznova, who was holding a photo session with her partner.

That’s just one example. The reality of social media saves a lot of photos and poses from Instagram on the background of the lake. Some of them pose with bikinis, selfies, and even ride floating on the lake. It is known that the Novosibirsk was made in 1970 and is the largest ever built in Siberia.

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