There’s Only 1 Minute, Here Are the 5 Fastest Flights in the World

When we want to travel by plane, of course, we will prepare various kinds of things so that we do not get bored while on a plane because usually the journey using a plane takes a short time. There are even flights that can reach 12 hours or more. But what happens if your flight is done in minutes? Of course, it will be very strange because it’s very fast. Like some flights that have the fastest duration:

Hoolehua to Kalaupapa

hawaii island

For those of you who are on vacation in Hawaii and want to experience a flight with a fast duration, you can try a flight from Hoolehua to Kalaupapa, the flight time is only 10 minutes because the distance is only 14 kilometers.

Minami-Daito to Kita-Daito

Japan minami airport

Minami-Daito and Kita-Daito are two small islands located in Japan and these two islands only have a distance of 11 kilometres. In addition to using the sea lane, you can also travel to these two islands by plane with a flight duration of only 15 minutes.

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Connemara to Inishmaan

Connemara National Park

The two cities in Ireland also provide aircraft as a means of transportation they use. When you use the plane you only need to sit for 6 minutes of flight until you reach the destination because the distance is only 16 kilometers.

Westray To Papa Westray

Papa Westray Scotland

The two islands located in the north of Scotland have a very close distance of only 2.7 kilometers. You can reach your destination in just 80 seconds. Residents there feel that using a plane is a good choice in terms of cost and time when compared to using other transportation.

Kegata to Apowo

Kegata Papua Indonesia

Kegata and Apowo are two villages in Papua that are only 1.8 kilometres away. But if you use the land route it takes days to get to the destination. This is because the two villages are separated by valleys and forests. So from that, there are flights to reach these two villages which only take about 73 seconds to get to the destination.

That is some of the shortest flights in the world. Are you interested in trying it? Leave a comment below!

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