Have you ever heard of the name of St. Helena? This is a remote island on Earth in the Atlantic Ocean. There will be a plane flying here! Reporting from Landdisposition, US airline, United Airlines will open a route from New York to Cape Town in South Africa. Later, the flight will stop at St Helena.

Where is St Helena?

St. Helena is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean. The location in the west of the continent of Africa, 2,800 km from the coast of the state of Angola. St. Helena belongs to the British Commonwealth. There are around 4,000 people who depend on gardening and fishing.

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St. Helena is always included in the list of remote islands in the world, because of its difficult access. It used to be the way there, only by boat from the City of Cape Town. The boat trip also takes about one week.

St. Helena

But in 2017, flights have opened from Johannesburg City in South Africa to St. Helena. The trip is 6 hours, only flying on Saturdays every week. Of course, if United Airlines did fly to St. Helena, there could be more tourists coming. No doubt, tourism is also a sector that is considered by St Helena.

St. Helena offers adventure in a remote place on Earth. There are waterfalls in beautiful valleys, stretches of forests and savannahs, stargazing tours, whale watching, to rows of historic fortifications. So that you know, St Helena also reportedly became the final resting place of the past French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte!

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