Enjoying tourist spots In the United States, indeed can not be separated from the city of Orlando. This big city is in the state of Florida and is well known as one of the towns with attractive tourist destinations in the world.

14 Orlando Florida Vacation Spots You Must Visit

Most attractions, there are new tourist spots that are packed with various exciting themes. Some of the following attractions in Orlando might be interesting and can be used as a vacation reference.

Discovery Cove, Orlando

Discovery Cove is one of the attractions that are quite complete. Many activities can be done there. One of the famous is exploring the sea, aka sea venture.

Sea venture rides are conducted by visitors who want to enjoy the underwater beauty. This vehicle is also relatively safe for beginners, though. Visitors will also be given security equipment such as special helmets.

This place is suitable for you who want to see the underwater beauty of the United States. Another exciting thing is the income from sea ventures will be partly donated to support marine conservation.

Walt Disney World, Orlando

The most famous tourist attraction in Orlando is Walt Disney World. This tourist spot is an integrated area that has complete tourist facilities with the Walt Disney theme that is popular throughout the world.

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There are areas of Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Downtown Disney. Everything will provide a unique tourist experience. Besides that, you will also meet some cute characters from Disney.

SeaWorld, Orlando

Orlando SeaWorld is popular with its large aquarium, dolphin and whale attractions, touch pools, and many exciting rides.

Although some guests may not feed dolphins, you can still reach the interactive dolphin pool and nurture these beautiful and smart animals.

Those who want to get more can immediately register for a close tour with dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, penguins, or sharks.

Other special tours counted behind a SeaWorld operation monitor and a tour of the manatee rehabilitation center or nursery of dolphins, where the youngest dolphins in the park are cared for.

Not only the amount of marine life, but this park also has many great rides for all ages, including some trips that give fresh water on a hot day in Florida.

Universal Studios, Orlando

Another tourist spot that is no less famous is Universal Studio Orlando. Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the best theme parks in Florida that has many visitors every day.

This theme park has several sections, including Wet n Wild Waterpark, Universal Studios Florida, and Universal’s Island of Adventure. These three parts have their exciting concepts.

One of the famous is the existence of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the Universal’s Island of Adventure area. Where this vehicle, including new but immediately renowned. You who like Harry Potter must come there.

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve, Orlando

Although most of the resorts in Orlando are modern, you can still find the best natural place for holidays with family. Vacation tips to America to enjoy nature tours, namely to the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve.

This place is suitable for you who prefer to travel to nature than tourism games and attractions in the middle of the city. Moreover, the beauty of Orlando can also be seen from different sides in this place.

This nature tour has a calm atmosphere and beautiful scenery. You can explore it to unwind. Green trees and wooden boarding houses will remind you of the beautiful landscape.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark

Laguna Typhoon is the largest and most popular water park in Disney. There are various shows for all ages, including kiddie rides as well as swimming and splashing spaces, such as Ketchakiddee Creek, playrooms designed for several young children.

Surfers will be interested in the big wave pool, and those who want to try it can register for surfing lessons. Some other tourist attractions include a quiet trip along the lazy river, whitewater rides in Miss Adventure Falls, and fun rides such as Humunga Kowabunga.

Also, a number of water slides in all the parks for various age levels and a sandy beach where some children can play for a while when parents relax. The water park of choice is Disney’s Blizzard Beach, which has a ski resort object and presents a long, winding river that circles the park, and various water rides for all families.

Universal’s Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay is a Universal water park, and like other room resorts, there are play and overnight choices for those who want to immerse themselves in the experience truly. Krakatoa is in the middle of the park and has an umbrella sensation trip to the famous Aqua Coaster.

Waturi Beach overlooks the volcano, where many guests can relax on the sandy beach and swim in the massive wave pool. Here, many guests can take advantage of one of the enjoy benches that are served, add to the soft desk, or even rent a cabana.

Some exciting park attractions include giant water slides, pipes, and thrilling rides, and there are also plenty of rooms reserved for younger guests, including no entry submerged rooms.

Gatorland, Orlando

Gatorland is a tourist destination with an alligator concept. In this place, there are indeed hundreds of crocodiles that are kept. Visitors can learn to be an alligator trainer. Of course, this experience will be taut and stimulate adrenaline.

Also, the concept of educational tourism is still being demonstrated in Gatorland, where visitors can learn about swamp crocodile farms and how the life of the crocodile itself. The crocodiles that were there were imported from various countries. Some were even imported from Cuba and the Nile in Egypt.

Surely this will increasingly make visitors more able to know the characteristics of crocodile species from various regions.

ICON, Orlando

ICON Orlando was once known as the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, which is one of the tourist attractions in Orlando, which is famous for its heritage. This playground has quite a lot of attractions. But one of the famous is the Ferris Wheel or Ferris Wheel with a height of 400 feet. By riding it, visitors can enjoy views of Orlando from a climax, which will undoubtedly be very charming.

Besides that, there are still other best attractions. For example, Orlando StarFlyer, SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, Madame Tussauds Orlando, Museum of Osteology, 7D Dark Ride Adventure, and many more.

Congo River Golf, Orlando

Do you like golf? If you are in Orlando, Florida, then don’t miss the opportunity to vacation at Congo River Golf. This place offers golf tours with the best and famous arena. With beautiful scenery, there are some exciting things from this golf course. Visitors can take a short course on golf for a full day or half-day.

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Not only that, but visitors can also go around tourist attractions and visit some of the caves there. Interestingly, you can also feed crocodiles. So to say the Congo River Golf is not just an ordinary golf course.

Lake Eola Park, Orlando

Lake Eola Park is one of the tourist attractions in Orlando that is often visited by tourists from various countries. This place is in the middle of the city of Orlando, so that it is an alternative tourist destination for the residents of Orlando itself.

Lake Eola is known as a cheap tour for the surrounding population. There are many rides there that can be used during the holidays, from water games to jogging tracks for sports. One of the most sought-after rides is paddling a swan boat. This boat has a capacity of 5 people and can be rented per 30 minutes at a low price.

ICEBAR, Orlando

The next best tourist attraction in Orlando is the biggest ice exhibition in the world, namely ICEBAR Orlando. This place has more than 70 tons of ice cubes. Do not think this ice is only placed as a pile of cubes because this ice is formed art.

You can see professional carvings from this ice, and you can enter this ice and explore it. You will be given a warm coat and gloves — so no need to worry.

Science Center, Orlando

Visiting a museum of science and technology will be one of the tourist experiences that are not only interesting but also useful for opening up insights. So there is no harm in visiting the Orlando Science Center. This tourist spot is the right place to find out a variety of unique knowledge.

If usually studying science becomes very dull, the concept of tourism there is made as attractive as possible, so that visitors are not easily bored.

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is one of the most popular day trips from Orlando. This gives travelers a unique opportunity to see one of NASA’s most famous operations centers. Here, you will find the Heroes and Legends exhibition, which introduces guests to their lives and careers that enable space programs, from engineers to ancient space explorers.

This also includes the US Astronaut Hall of Fame, as well as Rocket Park, where you can see rockets from some of NASA’s most famous flights, including the Apollo and Gemini programs. Other exhibits include lunar exploration, mock astronaut training, shuttle launch experiences, and the IMAX theater.

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