There are many destinations in Seoul, South Korea that can be visited to trace back the film Parasite, which some time ago won at the Oscars. In the prestigious Oscar 2020 film Parasite made by Korean director, Bong Joon-ho managed to make history.

For the first time, Parasite became a non-English film lined up with the Best Picture award or the best film at Oscar 2020. Apart from the myriad of achievements, it turns out the process of taking scenes in the film is carried out in the studio to the real world.

The capital of Seoul in South Korea also occupies many portions of the film. Welcoming the noise of the film Parasite, the Seoul Tourism Board website joined in on some destinations there that were included in the Parasite film scene.

4 Parasite Movie Filming Locations

Here are some of the Parasite films in South Korea, You can try visiting when on vacation to South Korea.

Doijissal Supermarket

Parasite Movie Filming Locations

The moment where Kim Ki-woo was chatting with Min-hyuk, Kim’s friend, who also taught private English. When offering Kim to replace himself showing at the Park family’s house, the scene is known to take place in front of a stall.

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This shop is called Uri Supermarket. However, in Seoul, you can find it under the name Doijjissal Supermarket in the Mapo-gu area. The exact location is at 32, Songijeong-ro, not far from Chungjeongno Station.

Kim Ki-taek’s stairs

Not far from Doijissal Supermarket, a traveler can also find one of the stairs also included in the film Parasite. Yes, that ladder is in the early scene of Kim Ki-taek village. In the film, the daughter of Kim’s family (Kim Ki-Jeong), is described as buying a peach to take to the Park family’s home. You can also take pictures here, but you need to be quiet because they are in the residential’ complex.

Sky Pizza

Although deprived and living in the basement, at the beginning of the Kim family described deprived of living by folding pizza boxes. The pizza box that they fold is really on Soul. In the film, the brand of the pizza box is Pizza Age. However, in Seoul, the real name is Sky Pizza, which is located at 86, Noryangjin-ro 6-Gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul. The shop is open from 10:00 to 22:00 local time.

Jahamun Tunnel

Slowly but surely, the disguised actions of the Kim family at the Park family’s home were finally revealed. After almost being caught red-handed, Kim and his father and younger sister ran helter-skelter to escape.

In the process of escaping, they are known to run down a very high ladder and followed by walking on the edge of the underground tunnel through which the vehicle. Among the people of Seoul, the location known as the Jahamun Tunnel or Jahamun Tunnel is already quite popular. This tunnel is also near Gyeongbokgung Palace.

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