One of the wonders of the world gathered in Jordan. This is the story of the city of Petra carved in stone.

Set foot in a country in the Middle East does not seem to be the choice of many people for a vacation. However, to set foot in Jordan appears to be an attractive choice for traveling. There is an archaeological site that must be visited in Jordan, namely Petra.

About Petra Jordan

This ancient city offers a view that can satisfy the eyes of tourists. When you come here, guaranteed you would not be willing to go home without a selfie. Every step, there must be an exciting spot to be immortalized. On 6 December 1985, Petra was also appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is even called one of the 28 places you have to visit before you die.

Petra Jordan

The journey to the Petra icon, Al Khazna, is flanked by high cliff walls. Along this road, many children sell postcards at the price of 2 Jordanian dinars. Like the light at the end of the hallway, the icon of Petra, Al Khazna, is brightly ending the journey under the blazing sun that burns the skin. The building looks like it was carved with 40 meter tall and sturdy pillars.

Here the travelers are busy capturing their moments through video or photos. Many spots can be used as object photos, ranging from the Petra icon to the sidelines of the cliff. If you want to travel to Petra, don’t forget to wear sunglasses, masks, and comfortable clothes to minimize the hot sun during the day.

Best Time To Visit Petra Jordan

Petra Jordan

If you really can’t face the morning, arrive at 3 pm to get past the worst of the midday glare and endure until the sun goes down – the quality of the light makes the rocks emit extraordinary ruby colors. Petra is a very hot place at the height of summer (36 ° C!): Better than going during spring (March-May) or fall (September-November). The temperature was pleasant and warm – around 18-25° C.

Regarding the time of day to visit, if you are specifically determined to get away from the crowd and go with the sunrise at 5 am. This means you will avoid the heat of the air, and make this city almost for yourself far from other daily travelers.

How to Get Petra Jordan

Petra is one of the most famous archeological sites in the world. To get to Petra from Amman, the capital of Jordan, it takes about 3 hours. This neat site located 240 kilometers (km) south of Amman and 120 km north of the red sea city of Aqaba. Petra’s beauty is undoubtedly the most prominent tourist attraction in Jordan. Some say, not to Jordan, if not yet to Petra.

Petra Jordan

  • Amman Airport, it is a quite straight four-hour trip to the highway that has English directions. For a lower cost than renting a car or taxi, you can take a public bus directly to Petra from the Amman bus station (which is also a taxi ride from the airport). The trip to Petra for approximately 3 hours was not so felt with the smooth road conditions, such as when visited there recently. There was no traffic jam to the location along the way to Petra. Along the way, tourists are confronted with the massive desert.
  • Aqaba airport, it takes 1.5 hours to travel – although there are fewer airlines flying here. Upon arrival at Petra, tourists are required to buy an entrance ticket. There are two types of tickets, namely for local tourists or those who have a residence permit and for foreign tourists. Of course, the price offered is much different. Once you are at the location (2 km from the visitor center), you enter through a rocky road with a very high wall called Siq – you can do this on foot, or ride a horse (horses are rented from the visitor center).

Get ready for those of you who want to travel to Petra to reach deeper pockets because the entrance ticket for foreign tourists is pegged at 50 Jordanian dinars. As for the local tourist or owner of a residence permit, only 1 Jordanian dinar. After buying an entrance ticket, the traveler must continue the journey to the Petra icon. To go to these locations can walk, golf, car, or horse.

Most tourists choose to walk while occasionally taking pictures among the cliffs. However, there are also those who want to ride a golf car and even a horse with different travel times.

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