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Pick Apples When Autumn in Aomori Prefecture!

Aomori Prefecture

In various countries, autumn is synonymous with many things. One of them is the harvest season which means there will be a lot of food during the season. In Japan itself, autumn is the time for Japanese people to pamper themselves with a variety of unique and delicious fruit.

There are several types of fruit that travel mates can only enjoy in the fall, and apples are one of them. If you ask residents in Japan where the most famous place to harvest apples is, then they will say Aomori is the place. Apples from Aomori produce more than half of the total production of apples throughout Japan.

Aomori Prefecture

Aomori, which is at the northernmost tip of Honshu Island, is a city that has beautiful natural scenery, especially in autumn. Not only that, but Aomori also has a lot of fruit plantations for various seasons that attract many visitors to try “All you can eat while picking”.

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Aomori in the autumn is the peak season of Fuji Apples, a very popular apple variant in Japan. This apple variant has a large size, with bright red color and crispy flesh. Basically, the harvest of apples in Aomori starts from June, but most will harvest apples from July to November. Many argue that the apple from Aomori is bigger, with a sweeter taste and a crisper texture and a brighter red color. Well, if travel mates have tried tasting apples from Aomori, how do you think it tastes?

Here are some apple plantations that can travel mates visit.

  • Hirosaki Apple Park
  • Aomori Kanko Ringo-en
  • Aomori Ringo-no-Sato
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