There is something interesting about a cave in Bulgaria. On the ceiling, there are two holes that resemble the eyes. This unique phenomenon can be found in the Prohodna Cave in Bulgaria. On the ceiling, there was a hole which was later named ‘The Eyes of God‘.

Viewed on the official website of the Offical Tourism Portal of Bulgaria, the Prohodna Cave is about 112 km from Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Precisely, it is in the Iskar Gorge region, 2 km from Karlukovo Village in Lovech Province in northern Bulgaria.

Prohodna Cave 'The Eyes of God' from Bulgaria

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Prohodna Cave is a karst cave, with a series that reaches a length of 262 meters. The inside is quite extensive, with a cave height of 35-45 meters. When exploring the inside of the cave, pay attention to the ceiling.

In the middle of the cave, there are two large holes in the ceiling. Two holes that look similar and unique look like a pair of eyes! The two holes were first known to the local community and some speleologists when searching Prohodna Cave in 1962. Since then, people who came there called it ‘The Eyes of God’.

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There are some special times when the eyes of these gods look more amazing. First when the full moon, with the position of the moon right in the middle of one of his eyes and looks really like a human eye. Second, when it rains, it’s like crying eyes.

A traveler is also permitted to explore the Prohodna Cave and be free to photograph the eyes of God. There is no entrance ticket to it, only to first register with the Peter Tranteev National Speleological Society in the village of Karlukovo as manager of the cave.

Prohodna Cave 'The Eyes of God' from Bulgaria

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Prohodna Cave can be visited throughout the year. Its location in Bulgaria might make this tourist destination rarely glimpsed by people. But when you get there, guaranteed other people will be curious when you take a close shot, ‘The Eyes of God’.

One more interesting, their travelers can try bungee jumping right in the eyes of the gods. Get ready to scream, from a height of 30 meters down to the inside of the cave.

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