Any stone, whether it be river stones, bricks, rocks, pumice, gravel, coral and others, as we know and believe rocks are not edible, but actually there are edible stones in the country of Chile and Peru.

A stone called Pyura Chilensis is used by locals as a delicacy. The split stone will bleed, which is the outer shell of Pyura Chilensis which is actually a marine animal.

Pyura stone

Pyura Chilensis or also known as Piure by the Spaniards is found in coastal areas in Chile and Peru. The edible part of this stone is the flesh of the fruit which is the red layer of skin and muscles.

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Locals make it their daily food even though it tastes good and can be processed into a delicious menu. Pyura Chilensis has also been exported outside America.

Pyura Chilensis stone

Besides being able to be processed into a delicious menu that is usually served in restaurants in Chile, Piure is said to be eaten raw, but according to Scientific American magazine live stone produces high concentrations of vanadium.

Vanadium itself is a material for making steel, so some people are still not sure whether Piure is safe for consumption or not. However, although the Pyura Chilensis menu is still served in various restaurants in Chile and Peru, local people still eat it today.

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