Rainbow Village in Taiwan Painted by the Veteran Grandpa

Not only in Indonesia, but in Taiwan, there is also a village full of colorful houses. Everything was painted by an old veteran soldier.

Tourist attractions in Taiwan known as Rainbow Village are located in Nantun District, Taichung, Taiwan. Rainbow Village is a residential complex with colorful paint, full of paintings.

From the information gathered by Travel, there are about 11 houses in Rainbow Village, all of them painted by a veteran named Huang Yung-fu. Well, Huang Yung-fu used to be a soldier from Guangzhou, China. In 1937, he who was then 15 years old began taking up arms in the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Furthermore, after the Second World War, Huang also fought against the Communist government of Mao Zedong. When the Nationalist Party or the Kuomintang lost in 1949, Huang along with 2 million other soldiers fled to Taiwan. Then housing complexes in various parts of Taiwan were made for these soldiers and their families who were displaced.

The housing was originally made for a temporary residence. But over time, it eventually became a permanent residence. In 1978, Huang retired and bought bungalows in a residential complex that became the forerunner of Rainbow Village.

Initially, there were about 1,200 houses there. Year after year passed, many have moved from the housing. Buildings that were built in a hurry, showed more damage. Until the Taiwan government decided to demolish the army housing complex in various parts of Taiwan, including those inhabited by Huang.

In Huang’s housing complex, there are only 11 houses left and those who live there are only themselves. When asked to move because the housing would be torn down, Huang refused. He has lived there for decades, Huang who is alone in Taiwan has no other place to go home.

In 2008, at an advanced age and not painting for decades, Huang came up with the idea of ​​drawing the walls of his house. Initially only in the form of paintings of small birds in his house, then there continued to be pictures of cats, humans, and planes. He continued to draw as a step in resistance so the government would not demolish his residence.

Two years later, a student from Ling Tung University was fascinated by Huang’s persistence in painting his home area. He also began raising funds to help Huang buy paint, and make petitions, complete with stories of Huang’s struggle, to protest the demolition of settlements.

This petition attracted the attention of the public. Finally, the settlement demolition plan was canceled. Eleven houses including those inhabited by Huang were asked to be preserved. Huang was finally able to continue to stay there calmly.

The settlement which became known as Rainbow Village also attracted many visiting tourists. Within a year his visit could reach 1 million. It seemed that Huang was happy that the settlements which had only been left by him were now crowded with tourists.

Every day, 96-year-old Huang continues to paint. Various residential sides are full of unique images inspired by Huang’s childhood and imagination. On the sidelines of painting, he often sits on one corner of the porch of the house, greeting the tourists present.

When visiting Rainbow Village some time ago, detikTravel had the opportunity to meet Huang directly, who was nicknamed Granpa Rainbow. This elderly man wore a gray smell, a black jacket and trousers, and a hat.

He sat in a chair next to the Rainbow Village souvenir shop. In front of him, there is a table with his paintings on a sheet that is about the size of A4 paper and other objects including small containers for visitors who want to make a donation. Tourism here is free, but it is welcome if the traveler wants to give donations as sincerely as possible.

Huang seemed to be talking to a male tourist in Mandarin, occasionally he laughed happily. Then there are some tourists who ask for photos with Huang. Huang welcomed him with a widened smile on his lips. I also greeted and photographed this friendly man, before continuing to tour Rainbow Village.

Oiya, not only the walls of the house but also the street outside was painted by Huang. Wow! So it’s really as far as the eye can see does not escape the colorful painting scene, like in a fairy tale world.

In addition to seeing houses from outside, it can also be entered into. There are also those that are closed, but a traveler can see the inner side of the window painted red a little. While here, a traveler can walk around the complex, enjoy a lush courtyard with trees, meet Huang, photo hunting, and souvenir shopping. If you want to sit back while sipping coffee or eating ice cream, you can, there is a shop that sells it here.

Surely coming home from Rainbow Village, a traveler can get many colorful vacation photos. But if you want a photo at a certain spot, sometimes you have to patiently queue with another traveler.

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