Not just beautiful, this lake also gets the clearest nickname in the world. What is it like? Summarized AFP, this lake is known as the Blue Lake. Local residents call it Rotomairewhenua, which means water is peaceful. The lake is part of Nelson Lakes National Park, close to the Alps in southern New Zealand.

Clearest Blue Lake

What makes this lake so special is that the water is very clear. Even in the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) study in 2011, the clarity of the lake can be seen from visibility up to 80 meters. Wow!

You certainly think, why the water in this lake so clear right? In the researchers’ findings, it was revealed that the flow of the lake has a natural dam filter. This filter is formed from landslide debris that forms a dam between two lakes.

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Not only is it clear, but this small lake is also surrounded by beautiful nature. From the edge of the lake, you can see the rocks that are at the bottom of the lake. As well as the trees and the blue sky reflected by the lake’s water are so fascinating to the eye.

If observed from certain angles, the lake water is not turquoise, but the blue is purple. Blue Lake is actually a meeting area for two geyser lakes. That is the possibility that makes this lake has the clearest water. Visiting here, a traveller will feel a very fresh atmosphere. Lush trees, clean air, and clear water remove all fatigue in the head and body.

Usually, tourists who come here can not only enjoy the clarity of the lake and take pictures. But also trekking can also explore Nelson Lakes, National Park.


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