There’s a ghost town in Spain. This city was built as a leprosy quarantine place. However, after the discovery of the leprosy cure, the city was not inhabited.

Where is Sanatorio de Abona?

Sanatorio de Abona, that’s the name of a ghost town in Spain. The city is not far from Tenerife, which is famous for its beach tourism and sun hunters.

Sanatorio de Abona is on the southeast coast of the island. The city was designed in 1943 as a quarantine place for people with leprosy.

Sanatorio de Abona spain

But unfortunately, since it was built until now, Sanatoria de Abona has never been used. Buildings that have been standing are just abandoned. Sanatorio de Abona has been turned into a ghost town.

History of Sanatorio de Abona

Compiled by from several sources, during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930’s, leprosy became a fairly deadly epidemic. There were about 200 cases of leprosy infection in Tenerife during that period.

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The only way that could be done at that time was to quarantine the lepers so they would not infect other healthy people. Leprosy caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae is known as an infectious disease.

At that time no cure had been found for this type of disease affecting the nervous system, so quarantine was the only way to save the others.

A Spanish architect, Jose Enrique Regalado, was assigned to design a quarantine station for lepers. He also chose a remote location in Tenerife. At that time, warm sea water was believed to keep bacteria in the bay area and not cross into mainland Spain.

Sanatorio de Abona

Finally a city with a total of 40 buildings was founded on Tenerife. The 40 buildings in the Spanish ghost town include a hospital, a church, a funeral crematorium and a quarantine house.

Until finally in 1945, before the city was completed, all works on leprosy were found. The discovery of Dapsone, a drug that can kill leprosy bacteria, ultimately left Sanatorio de Abona abandoned before it could be used.

In the 1960’s, Sanatorio de Abona was used as a military camp. There is a discourse to make this city a resting place. However, until now the plan has not been implemented even though there is already a developer from Italy who has purchased the abandoned land.

Currently, Sanatorio de Abona is becoming an anti-mainstream tourist destination, aka a ghost town in Spain. Many contests and festivals are held in this ghost town.

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