Anime movies are always interesting to watch at all times, including during breaks between busy lives. For those who want to watch, don’t access illegal anime sites like 4anime and Animeflix.

Of course, a legal website should be an option so that there is no need for distractions when watching anime movies. Watching on legal sites also guarantees the film production team gets the rights. No ads and no buffering…

The following is the legal link to watch the latest anime films besides 4anime and Animeflix:

Prime Video Amazon

prime video movie amazon

The Prime Video site has long been known as the official link to the Amazon website for watching anime or movies. Some anime titles on this site can be watched for free, but most are only watched by customers who pay a membership fee. Anime Royal on Prime Video is available in many subtitles.


netflix movie

The legal link to watch the next royal anime film is Netflix, which is also quite well known in the public. In addition to showing anime produced by other parties, Netflix also makes and displays films of its own production. The film is the result of collaboration with an anime studio.

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hulu movie

For customers, the legal link to watch the royal anime film Hulu is available with English subtitles. This site provides hundreds of anime titles that can be watched by paying a subscription fee. The tariff determines that customers can watch anime with or without advertisements.


crunchyroll movie

The legal link to watch the royal anime film Crunchyroll provides hundreds of titles that customers can choose from. Titles include anime that are not on a royal theme. Initially, the Crunchyroll service can be watched for free, but you must pay if you want to continue watching anime.


funimation movie

Like the legal link to watch other royal anime films, the Funimation service can be enjoyed after paying a fee. Funimation users can download anime and watch them on gadgets with the Android or iOS operating system.

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