In China, there is a sharp mountain that looks like a breast.

Compiled from from various sources, this mountain is called ShuangRuFeng or Two Breast Peaks.

Two Breast Peaks located in Shuangrufeng Scenic Area, about 12 km from downtown Zhenfeng, Guizhou Province, China.

As the name suggests, this mountain does look like a breast. The height of this mountain reaches 1265 meters above sea level. This mountain area has an area of ​​up to 40 hectares.

Because it’s strange, Two Breast Peaks has become a popular tourist spot. Two Breast Peaks viewed from a distance, these two twin mountains do look like breasts.

In the Shuangrufeng Scenic Area You Can See Two Breast Hill

This mountain peak is not only pointed but the same as the nipple. This mountain looks green and beautiful because it is overgrown with trees.

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People even consider this mountain as a sacred place. Myth, anyone who visits the foot of the hill at the time of marriage, will be fortunate in marriage.

Tourists who want to see the breast hill must visit in the morning. Because of the fog falls, the peak of this mountain will look faint or not visible at all.

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