Silleuksa, Maybe this is the most romantic temple in South Korea

South Korea can be a romantic vacation destination. Even there is a temple, but the view is romantic too. The city of Yeoju in South Korea may not be as famous as Busan or Seoul. But in this city, there are unique tourist attractions in South Korea in the form of historical temples with the most eclectic views.

The name of this temple is Silleuksa, as peeked Landdisposition from the official website of the Yeoju government. Silleuksa is considered historic because it was built by the holy priest Wonhyo during the reign of King Jinpyeong during the Silla Dynasty. Nobody knows when this temple was built. However, the name Silleuksa Temple became popular because of the death of the Buddhist monk Naongseonsa in 1376 in the Goryeo dynasty.

Moving forward today, Silleuksa Temple is not just an ordinary temple. This can be seen from its location. Usually, the temple is in the forest or behind a mountain. But Silleuksa is on the banks of the Namhan River. This makes it the only temple adjacent to the river in Korea.

Because of this location, Silleuksa Temple is blessed with super romantic views. When the sun returns to the contest, the twilight sky purple, pink and orange will color. At the edge of the horizon, the boundary of water and sky becomes one. Bias color sky looks elegant in the reflection of the river. How romantic!

Besides being open to the public, this beautiful temple also provides super quiet religious tourism. Traveler can rest without doing anything, read books, calm the mind in this temple. The rules that must be obeyed are to participate in mealtime and prayer. Tourists are also allowed to camp out in the provided area. There are more than 200 zelkova trees that are decades old to cool the atmosphere.

How to get there:

Silleuksa Temple is about an hour from Seoul. Travelers who play in South Korea can stop by this temple to enjoy the romantic sunset from Silleuksa Temple. The facilities provided are in the form of restrooms, parking lots, boat rentals, playgrounds, archery places, and souvenir shops. Entrance and parking are free.

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