Sky Dream of the Fifth Highest Ferris Wheel in the World, Flying Over the Cloud

If you are looking for a playground in Taiwan that is suitable for all family members, Lihpao Land in Taichung is worth considering. This playground offers almost everything needed such as attractions for children namely mini roller coasters, go-kart races for teenagers, waterparks to play during the summer, malls for those who like to shop for five-star hotels.

One of the mainstays of Lihpao Land is Sky Dream, the second highest Ferris wheel in East Asia or the fifth highest in the world. Sky Dream is 126 meters high and only loses from the High Roller in the US which is 167.6 meters high, Singapore Flyer (165 meters), Star of Nanchang (160 meters) in China and the London Eye (126 meters).

Although only occupying the fifth highest position in the world, Sky Dream Lihpao has its own advantages, namely its location on a hill so that the total height from the sea level is 384 meters.

With this altitude, we can see the sea, namely the Taiwan Strait, Huoyan Mountain, and Taichung City. That’s if the weather is sunny. If the weather is foggy, the sensation is another.

We are like riding a Ferris wheel that soars up to the clouds like the natural, recently. “You will be in the cloud if the fog comes,” said Sasa Lee, a Sky Dream officer who accompanied us in the capsule.

Take Sky Dream Lihpao around 4 pm local time, the weather is actually sunny but because it’s already late, the fog begins to pass. Sure enough, when the capsule rises up to the top, the fog starts to invade.

The view of the sea that is expected to be difficult to realize because the fog began to thicken. But it’s okay, riding on a wheel covered in the mist like a cloud is no less fun.

The evening view from a height of 384 meters becomes even more interesting because the sun will set. Well, to ride the Sky Dream, every visitor will be quoted 250 Taiwan dollars, equivalent to $8 US.

There are 60 capsules with wifi facilities in the Ferris wheel. The capsule’s exterior and interior are the same red. One capsule is enough to load 6 adults and each round takes 30 minutes. When the red capsule starts to move, it doesn’t feel the slightest shock. The capsules drove slowly without swaying even though they had stopped for a while when they were at the top.

This Ferris Wheel Sky Dream is located on the 2nd floor of the Grand Mall, part of Lihpao Outlet Mall which is designed to resemble the typical village of Portofino because of the color of the walls painted in pastel colors.

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