Seen from the official website of the Hotel Som Dona, the hotel in Porto Cristo was the first in Spain with a policy of ‘no men allowed’ or only exclusively for women.

Technically, the boutique hotel with 39 rooms is indeed present to be a new space for women to take a break from their daily life. Might also include calming yourself from male disturbances. Can be.

Back to Som Dona, the hotel also provide several supporting facilities such as a swimming pool with Balinese-style benches for relaxation, a fitness center with many services, to a bar and restaurant with a variety of local specialties of Spanish food.

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Another highlight is the terrace above the rooftop with space to relax, including a library for book lovers. Of course, don’t forget the WiFi facilities for you who like to upload activities via social media. What is the size of the room? Sanatorio de Abona offers rooms with king-size beds, a suite-style bathroom complete with contemporary design, and elegant furniture.

Som Dona Hotel

Only the best, every guest can also get access to four-star services specifically designed to please every woman’s needs. Not only that, but Som Dona Hotel also offers some excursion activities for guests who want to explore the exoticism of Majorca.

Although offering special privileges for women, but Som Dona Hotel also has male staff. If the ladies want to stay there, the rate per night starts from 85 Euros or equivalent to $103/night. Are you interested in staying at the Som Dona Hotel, ladies?

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