This is the First Island in the World to Enforce a Time-Free Zone

Imagine a place where time doesn’t exist. Impressed utopia, but this island in Norway will be the first to apply a time-free zone.

Is Sommaroy Island or known as the summer island (Summer Island), a place in Norway that will implement a new concept that never existed before.

Reported by AFP from CNN, Thursday (6/20/2019), the island located on the west side of the city of Tromso will be the first to apply the concept of the time-free zone.

Judging from its location very close to the North Pole, Sommaroy Island does have unique geography that makes it different. It is known, the sun never sets on this island from May 18 to July 26 or bright for 69 days.

Whereas from November to January, the island actually experiences an upside-down condition where the sun doesn’t come at all or what is known as polar night.

“There are times when the day is continually bright and we follow it. In the middle of the night at around 2:00 a.m., you can find children playing football, people painting and tidying house grass and teenagers who are swimming,” said island resident Kjell Ove Hveding.

For this uniqueness, a number of islanders took the initiative to come to the City Hall and sign the free zone time petition on June 13, 2019.

On that occasion, they met with members of the Norwegian parliament and gave citizens signatures to further discuss matters regarding legal permits and actual practices in the future.

“There are a lot of citizens, doing this means formalizing something we’ve been practicing for generations,” Kjell said.

With the rules regarding the free zone at that time, residents also hoped to be free from traditional working hours and hoped for flexibility in terms of school hours and work time.

If officially passed, later residents will make access to Sommarøy Island which is marked with a bridge containing hours. Indicates that the traveler will enter the island where there is no time. Sounds fun, traveler.

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