Star Wars fans must be interested in staying at this unique capsule hostel. Here a traveller can feel like being adventuring in space.

The name is Galaxy Pod Hostel. This inn located in downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Unlike ordinary hostels where a traveller sleeps on bunk beds, hostel visitors here have individual pods piled on one another. In addition to a comfortable bed, all pods have a safety box, mirror, fan, electric plug, rack, coat hanger, and alarm clock. Some rooms also have a TV.

Each pod has privacy, so a traveller doesn’t need to worry about not being able to fall asleep when another passenger comes in and turns on the lights. Pods have their views so visitors can adjust the brightness as comfortable as possible.

This hostel property is suitable for families and couples. There is a couple of room with a king bed. She exclaimed children under 12 years can sleep with parents for free. There are also larger rooms for those travelling in groups. Suitable for travellers who go with friends. “We are located between the bar and Laugardalur (the area in Reykjavik). About 15 minutes from both directions,” the list said.

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Galaxy Pod Hostel Reviews

Laugardalur is suitable for travellers who vacation with family. There are many exciting areas to do together.

“Laugardalur has a lot to offer for families. There was a large fitness centre, swimming pool, an amusement park for children, a zoo with Icelandic animals, flower garden, ice skating rink, tennis court, and others,” continued writing in the list.

While from the opposite direction, a traveller will find many restaurants and bars in the city centre. There is also a shop across the street so that a traveller can store food in the room. For prices staying in this hostel starts from £ 32.20 one person. One visitor claimed to be satisfied after staying at this capsule hostel.

“This is the perfect place to stay in Reykjavik if you want to save money but have your privacy,” travellers wrote in a visitor review.

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