Stromboli Island is surrounded by blue waters and beaches with white sand. But it is close to an active volcano that can threaten at any time.

Quote by, Stromboli Island located off the coast of Italy. Despite having the most active volcano in the world, the island still has many fans. For one thing, the mountains on this island will bring out spectacular sparks at night.

For almost 90 years, visitors and residents living on this island have been accustomed to hearing the roar of the mountains. The Tyrrhenian Sea frames the 12 square meter island. Stromboli Island is the most remote of the 7 Aeolian islands in Italy. The deadly volcano stands as high as 924 meters from the sea and extends more than 1000 meters.

Stromboli island

Earlier this year, two powerful explosions that took place only 30 seconds later. This explosion produced smoke as high as 2 km, imagine how terrible this popular tourist spot. Residents and tourists who are traveling in this place successfully evacuated. But one of the pedestrians from Italy named Massimo Imes died in this devastating explosion.

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Two months later, Stromboli Island was again shaken, even with a more explosion that produced a pyroclastic flow consisting of a mixture of gas, rock, and volcanic ash that moved rapidly to several hundred meters into the sea.

Stromboli island

Experts believe that the volcano in Stromboli has experienced continuous eruptions that have occurred for approximately 2000 years with incandescent lava, ash, and volcanic rock that gushes. Although it seems scary because of its active volcanic mountain, every year, the island attracts thousands of tourists. They do the climb for 3 hours to the volcano to watch lava gush into the sky.

This fantastic view can be enjoyed during the day or at night. But last year tourists were warned to be careful because this tour could be fatal. In addition to lava that gushes into the sky, the island is also famous for its spectacular incandescent explosion at night, which is popular with tourists. Often visited by tourists from all over the world, this volcano gets the nickname ‘Lighthouse Of The Mediterranean.’

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