Surprise from Bombardier Private Jet Factory

Let’s look at the innards of Bombardier’s private jet factory. You certainly don’t expect if it’s not at all similar to a factory.

As reported by Landdisposition, when you enter, you will feel the atmosphere as in the environment of ancient European craftsmen. Every part of the factory floor is dominated by certain work.

In one corner there is a carpentry section, then the coating in the other corner. In fact, some areas resemble art spaces rather than aircraft factories.

That is Bombardier’s Center of Excellence. A facility in the suburbs of Montreal, Canada. It is a place where the cabin interiors of some of the most luxurious private jets in the world are made.

Top-class jet making is a meeting of two different worlds. Each private jet, at the same time, is a combination of high-tech machines and the work of craftsmen.

The technology and expertise

of modern private craftsmen shows sophistication on more than one side. The latest models are in the upper class such as Bombardier Global 7500, some produced at the Montreal factory, or competitors from the Gulfstream G650, can fly as far as 12,391 kilometers at a speed close to sound.

However, technology alone will not increase sales. There must be an adjustment to the cabin interior. Buyers of private jets are very demanding in terms of their own comfort and cabin style.

This is not much different from choosing the right decoration for your home. Surely there are luxury items to taste and need to enter into a cabin the size of 2.4 x 1.8 meters.

A lot of work is done at the Center of Excellence regarding optimization of private jets. The monumental task was carried out, namely the industrial term for various items that complement the cabin so that it could be installed on a private jet without burdening the engine’s performance.

There are high-end luxury materials provided to support the occupant’s style. “We have customers from global citizens, on all continents, so it’s important that cabin decor globally acceptable can also accommodate all nuances of culture,” said Ian Moore, chief commercial officer at VistaJet, an executive jet operator with a fleet of 70 Bombardier aircraft.

“At the same time, consistency is very important. Customers expect certain standards and styles. This is why we have the same look and touch throughout our fleet,”

Intimate atmosphere

People who fly on private jets might want their planes to be a reflection of their own luxury home. The cabin configuration is adjusted whether to be used by the company or privately, said US pilot Todd McCutchan, who flew Bombardier Global Express aircraft to clients in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

“My experience, when flying far away with a high-class profile, will be very rarely found by passengers of more than five or six people on the plane. That is far below the maximum number that can be carried by aircraft and gives a more intimate atmosphere,” he said.

The surface of a chair wrapped in wood and covered with leather is common in a private jet. What’s more, is that various kinds of wood are expensive and certainly pass the flammability test. But, its application is often limited to the top surface layer.

The wood panel will be polished manually and repeatedly until the final result is perfect. Then, this wood will be glued to a strong and lightweight composite material.

The surface can be adjusted to the tastes of the customer, be it wood that is bright, dark, shiny or calm. Located a few meters from Bombardier’s carpentry area, you will feel the atmosphere of a textile factory.

There is staff who operate sewing machines, cutting leather fillings and fabrics of various sizes and shapes. This material is to cover the soft areas in the cabin, such as chairs that are all assembled and coated with fabric in the factory.

Line by row metal frames is made into chairs. One by one waiting to be coated and equipped with electronic machines.

Final Touch The

buyer of the private jet will not take his Bombardier aircraft at the Center of Excellence, but to the nearest Laurent Beaudoin Completion Center, about one kilometer away. Center of Excellence is forbidden for buyers to enter.

In addition to its role as the center for completion and delivery for a number of Bombardier models, such as Global 5000/6000, Global 7500 and Global 5500/6500, Laurent Beaudoin Completion Center is also a gallery space for private jets.

Just like in an upscale furniture store or home decor studio, buyers who come are often surrounded by large groups. They feel the new private jet for the first time and add everything if it’s considered inappropriate.

Various types of samples are on display, there are wooden handles to bathroom tiles, carpet designs, fabrics, and leather. They can also choose accessories such as linen and cutlery.

Painting or livery

A private paint jet scheme can be customized with the owner’s logo, family emblem or selected artistic designs. Even if the customer chooses a more basic color scheme, the private jet will still be taken to the painting hangar before being sent because it is painted green or only with a layer of oxidized paint.

Bombardier’s private jet shipping center in Montreal will be busier in the future. It is estimated that there are around 155 shipments in 2019, compared to 2018 of 135 units, the new jet model helps the industry maintain its number.

While Bombardier sent its first type of Global 7500 in December, rival Gulfstream was equally busy with introducing new aircraft. As of September 2018, there is the first shipment of the Gulfstream G500 and G600, a similar model is expected to ship before the end of this year.

Demand for both types of aircraft has contributed a lot to General Dynamics, the Gulfstream owner. 145 private jets have been shipped in 2019, up from 121 units compared to 2018.

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