Take a peek at the North Korean ‘Eternal’ Hotel Project

At the beginning of its construction, North Sumatra’s Ryugyong Hotel is predicted to be one of the highest and grandest. However, the iconic building was never over. Built since the era of Kim Il Sung, Ryugyong Hotel became a symbol of North Korea‘s ruling great ambitions from time to time. Having a futuristic design that is far ahead of its time, the hotel is known to have been built from 1987 ago.

No kidding, a hotel with an unusual design was made towering as high as 330 meters. Much higher than other buildings in Pyongyang. It’s just that in the process, the hotel has never been completed until now. Collected by Landdisposition from various sources, even the hotel was often nicknamed the hotel shadows to hotel destruction as reported by Australian News media.

Take a peek at the North Korean 'Eternal' Hotel Project

From what was originally intended to be North Korea’s pride, it turned out that it ended up abandoned and became a disgrace for Kim’s three generations. Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un now, the existence of Ryugyong Hotel is like a curse from the previous generation.

Local online news sites, NK News have also reported on the condition of the hotel interior that seemed abandoned. From what once resembled the Pyramids and rockets, it turned into a ghost tower. The initial plan, Ryugyong Hotel was made with a capacity of 7,665 rooms and 105 floors. Having been stalled for a long time because of the economic crisis, glass had been installed in 2011.

Whereas in 2016, a number of lights began to be installed again in the tower. The peak, last year the LED display was installed on one side of the tower and displayed propaganda videos and light shows. The Guinness Book of Records itself calls the Ryugyong Hotel the highest empty building in the world. Seeing the current condition that is never over, the designation is certainly relevant.

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