Oatmeal is a healthy food that many people rarely liked because of its taste that does not have a bland alias. Therefore, most people will not be able to consume Oatmeal purely or without any other mixture. Various toppings are added to make the taste acceptable to the tongue.

Oatmeal itself consists of three kinds, namely, Oatmeal, cornmeal, and mashed peas meal. Shaped powder with coarse flakes. It has a delicious aroma like milk or wheat. Some are called quick oats because they have been cut into flakes and steamed to cook quickly. There are also instant oats, which can be eaten immediately. This type is usually already added sugar and fruit flavorings.

Oatmeal also has a lot of nutritional content and is useful for bodily health. Every 100 grams of Oatmeal contains 9.9 to 14.9 grams of fiber. The fiber content serves to maintain digestive health. The fiber contained in Oatmeal is called beta-glucan, which plays an important role in reducing levels of sugar, insulin, and lower levels of bad cholesterol.

There are so many benefits of Oatmeal for the body, and it’s certainly a shame if you don’t take it just because it tastes bland. For this reason, We will share knowledge on five tasty and healthy topping recommendations to complement the oatmeal dish. Check out the following full recommendations.


oatmeal fruits

The first topping recommendation to complete the Oatmeal is fruit. Fruits are often mixed as a topping to some foods, including Oatmeal. The fruit’s naturally sweet and sour taste will give a different flavor to the Oatmeal to be tasteless.

Usually, the fruits often used as oatmeal topping are bananas, strawberries, mango, and other berries. Adding fruit as a topping will not only have an impact on the taste but also on its properties. Oatmeal, which has many nutrients coupled with a variety of fruit vitamins, will certainly make the body healthy.


Yogurt oatmeal

A delicious and healthy topping recommendation to complement the oatmeal dish is fresh yogurt. It is common knowledge that yogurt is often used as a mixture so that food serves a variety of flavors. The yogurt itself tastes dominant sweet and sour and dense texture making it suitable to be a solvent or oatmeal supplement.

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Yogurt also has benefits that are not inferior to milk. Eating yogurt can make the digestive system in the body run smoothly. Several studies have proven that eating yogurt can be used as an alternative to cleaning the intestines and also a substitute for dinner for those of you who are on a diet program.


oatmeal almond


Almonds can be a delicious topping for your Oatmeal. Not only in Oatmeal, but almonds are also often a topping salad and also ice cream. The distinctive taste and texture that is easily consumed make this type of bean preferred.

No need for complicated methods, you just cut the almonds in a flat shape and then sprinkle it on Oatmeal. The guaranteed oatmeal taste will not be bland anymore, and you can feel the sensation of eating almonds that are appetizing.


Cheese oatmeal

Next, a delicious and healthy topping recommendation for Oatmeal is cheese. Similar to fruit salad toppings, you can also mix the cheese into Oatmeal. There are several kinds of the cheese itself, there are melted cheeses, easy to melt, to solid ones. Everything you can mix and will affect the taste of Oatmeal becomes more salty and savory.

For maximum results, you should use melted cheese to dissolve easily and easily blends with Oatmeal. Serve and eat while warm, so the taste is not much different, like you are eating ready-made cream soup.


oatmeal with milk

The recommendation of a tasty and healthy topping to complement the next oatmeal dish is milk. The most commonly used milk is white milk, which tastes sweet because it easily blends with Oatmeal, and the dish will look similar to cereal.

Of course, milk also contains a lot of nutrients that are good for the body, and milk is one source of animal protein. Consuming milk can strengthen bones and even lose weight as long as the milk you consume is low-fat milk. Try mixing it with Oatmeal, and you will feel a serving like cereal that is more filling and healthy.

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