The Dream Land of Solo Travelers by Travel and Leisure

Julia Robert’s film “Eat, Pray, Love” has triggered the solo traveler trend. However, based on research conducted by the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Business Technology found solo travelers increased by 20 percent from 2007 to 2011.

By surveying 24 participants who were traveling alone, lead researcher Professor Constanza Biancha learned that people chose to go alone, arguing that they had great control their lives and actions. “Traveling alone also offers some participants the possibility of reflection and discovery of identity,” Biancha said as quoted by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Moreover, traveling alone allows meeting new people: the solo traveler others so intertwined relationship is strong. Here is an ideal tourist destination for a solo traveler, by measuring safety and peace (happiness).


The length of the summer afternoon makes Norway stay sunny at night. The country has many museums, restaurants, and parks in the capital. The cities are pedestrian-friendly, biking and taking public transportation. You can explore fjords (rivers created from melting ice) surrounded by cliffs and mountains. The coastline is amazing for climbing, kayaking, dog sled and more. And between November and March is the right atmosphere to see the aurora borealis.


When in Switzerland, nature tourism is the main choice. The country has many waterfalls, forests, and lakes. You can also take a train to climb the Alps, visit medieval castles, and drink Swiss wine – and explore more mountainous landscapes at no additional cost. Also enjoy a chocolate tour in Lucerne and Zürich, to enjoy the best warm chocolate on earth.


Start and go to Nyhavn to see the iconic wooden ships and colorful city houses along the canals. After that, take a walk. Although famous for its theme parks, this popular attraction also has a flower garden, bubbly fountain, and aquarium.

For Shakespeare fans, head to the UNESCO World Heritage site that inspired Elsinore Castle that appears in the Hamlet story. Another interesting castle is Frederiksborg Castle, which is not far from Hamlet’s palace.


This country is a paradise for solo travelers who love the outdoors, with caves to explore, volcanoes and glaciers to climb, and a natural spa from geothermal to soak. If you travel to Reykjavík, consider seeing whales in Faxaflói Bay. For those who want to get out of the city, there is a Thingvellir National Park for camping, hiking trails, and horse riding.

New Zealand

Because New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world – and a popular destination for backpackers – this is the best country to find an identity while meeting fellow travelers. And this country is a paradise for adventure seekers to cross fjords, rain forests and waterfalls to watch whales in.

If you need a break from all your adventures, take a day trip to Waiheke Island for an outstanding wine tour, or walk there to see the real-life version of the movie The Shire.

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