The Festive Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the World’s Largest Art Festival

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland which is famous for its magnificent castles in the hills. Every August, the city holds the biggest art event in the world called the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For 25 days, a sea of ​​local visitors and foreign tourists will come to the locations of the festival’s performances.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival will feature around 3,500 shows and 50,000 artists at 300 performance locations all over the city. Planning to go to England between 2-26 August 2019? Then you must go to Edinburgh! While waiting for your departure time, let’s take a peek at the excitement of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

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Why Should I Come to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?

The art festival that took place since 1947 is an open stage for artists around the world. Not only well-known art figures, but the Edinburgh Fringe Festival also embraces young artists who are just starting their careers.

You can also watch theater, comedy, dance, circus, cabaret, music, opera and exhibition shows? Only at the Edinburgh Suburb Festival!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe has special programs for which you can buy tickets on this site. In addition, this festival also has a Virgin Money Fringe Street program which is held in public spaces and can be watched for free.

This year, Virgin Money Fringe Street Events will take place on the Royal Mile which runs from Cockburn Street to George IV Bridge and from The Mound to Prince Street. Royal Mile itself is the “old town” area of ​​Edinburgh which has many historic buildings that are very beautiful and well-maintained.

Virgin Money Fringe Street shows take place from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. From where you stay, these locations can be accessed by public transport because it is close to Edinburgh Waverley Station. In addition, there are many bus stops, even bicycle lanes.

Guide to Following the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Will this be your first time coming to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Be calm, so as not to get confused, here are the guidelines:

Take public transportation

When the festival takes place, the main streets of Edinburgh will be very crowded. Road closures for the Virgin Money Fringe Street Events program will also be conducted.

Try taking public transportation such as trains and buses so you don’t have to bother looking for alternative routes and parking lots.

Additional tips: Pay the bus for the exact change because the driver doesn’t provide change.

Use Map

The location of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is spread all over the city. In order not to be late watching the show, you can see the festival map on this site, or take the map at the ticket exchange or Fringe Box Office.

Comfortably Dress

Edinburgh’s summer weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Be diligent about checking the weather forecast and wearing a hat that can protect from the sun. It is also highly recommended to bring an outer that can warm the body when temperatures are down.

Save money by searching for free and promos

Many ways to save money while watching this festival. In addition to choosing free programs from Virgin Money Street Fringe, you can also look for promos at Virgin Money Half-Price Hut for shows that take place that day.

Find as much info

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a rare opportunity to watch many unique art shows. Find as much information about the arts that you rarely see in Indonesia. Who knows this will be the moment you fall in love with the art of cabaret, opera, or circus.

Take Care of your Health

The most important thing when on vacation is to maintain health. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival lasts for 25 days. Don’t get too enthusiastic and force yourself to watch the show even though you are already tired.

England is the festival’s champion. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a big name as phenomenal as the British Summer Time, the London Marathon and the Wilderness festival. So, don’t miss the chance to come to the world’s biggest art festival this summer!

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