What comes to mind about fairyland? Can you see a village called Giethoorn, which visualizes the form of fairyland in the real world?

When talking travel as beautiful as a fairy tale, maybe the first name that appears in Austria. But apparently, the Netherlands also has no less charming. Uniquely, this fairytale village is free from pollution.

Patience, we will discuss it slowly. Compiled by Landdisposition.com from various sources, Giethoorn is a village in the province of Overijssel, north of the Netherlands, about 1-1.5 hours from Amsterdam.

Giethoorn Village

Let’s Begin — Giethoorn Village built-in 1230. Made with canal model, Giethoorn Village can travel on foot and a small boat. This is why Giethoorn is similar to Venice. The nickname of this village is Venice of North or Venice of the Netherland.

Yes, every few houses made like small islands opposite. The architectural style of each home is different. Referring to the year of village development, many of these houses are still original or hundreds of years old.

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The boats are parked neatly and moored in front of the house. If you are lazy to ride a boat, 176 bridges can be used to explore. Imagine, there is no noise from the horn and the smoke of motor vehicles. This dedication made Giethoorn chosen as a pollution-free village in the world.

Giethoorn Village

What makes this village like a fairytale is the beauty of flower gardens on the edge of the canal. Row the boat slowly while enjoying the flowers, but don’t pick it. The village has opened itself as a tourist spot for a long time. Lodging and restaurants can a traveler enjoy if you want to stay longer. The view given is also Instagrammable.

As a village in the country of 4 seasons, Giethoorn also experienced the cold of snow. As a result, the river was frozen. Boats are saved, people use ice in the river to play ice skating. This village can be accessed by vehicle or private. What is clear, all cars can only reach the front of the town.

If you want to enjoy this canal village, you can rent your boat, around 20 euros/hour. There is also a boat with a capacity of 4 people and is slightly more expensive.

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