Korea has become one of the countries that have a special attraction for countries originating from Asia. The emergence of Korean K-Pop, of course, this will make the fans going crazy. Especially for the people of Indonesia where most Indonesians are very fond of K-Pop and drama from this Korean country.

Even though South Korea is one of the countries that have a strong appeal, you might feel disgusted by the extreme foods from South Korea. It will even make your appetite decrease. Try to taste 8 extreme foods from South Korea, as below.


Extreme Food from Korea

Gaebul is a food whose basic ingredients are sea cucumber. This food is almost similar to the penis, even this food is one of the weird foods. For people who are from Korea say that this dish is very delicious.

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As for foreigners, this food may not be suitable for consumption because the main ingredients of this food are very strange. But Koreans really enjoy this food while dipping it into the selected sauce. When this food has entered the mouth, you will feel an extraordinary sensation like eating octopus.


Beondegi, Extreme Food South Korea

This is not a date, this food is based on larvae. This makes Beondegi one of the extreme foods in Korea. Beondegi served as snacks. According to Koreans, these larvae taste like eating crackers.


Haemultang, Extreme Food from Korea

Haemultang is one type of food that has soup. This food is a seafood soup type, but what makes this food different from other seafood is the shrimp that are still alive. Shrimp that are still alive will be put into Haemultang food that has boiled. Then these foods will be given various types of seasonings so that these foods become full of flavor.


Haejangguk, The Most Favorite Disgusting Extreme Food from Korea

To eliminate hangovers, Koreans consume Haejangguk in the morning. Generally, Haejangguk food is very suitable for consumption by drunk people. This food is combined with cow’s blood and cabbage and is served warm.


Gejang, The Most Favorite Disgusting Extreme Food from Korea

Crab is very delicious to eat. But unlike people in Korea, they taste these crabs with meat that is still raw and sprinkled with soy sauce. Korean people say that this food is very delicious to eat, especially crabs that are still babies where the meat is preferred by Koreans.


Hongeo, The Most Favorite Disgusting Extreme Food from Korea

Hongeo looks like a disgusting fish. But apparently, this is a smoked or fermented stingray. In general, Hongeo food is used as snacks and soup.



Sannakji is an extreme food with octopus as the main ingredient. The octopus given is an octopus that is still a baby and immediately eaten raw. They use sesame oil as the sauce.


Sundae, The Most Favorite Disgusting Extreme Food from Korea

This food is made from pork or beef intestines. Then this food will be filled with cellophane noodles, pork, and vegetables. Although this food is very extreme, for Koreans it is very delicious. The sensation of shake and feel chewy in the mouth will make this food the most popular food in Korea.

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