Clean white sand usually always adorns every beach, but not with Red Beach in China. This beach is filled with bright red grass. From a distance, it looks like the color of blood. Red Beach is located in the Liaohe River Delta, about 30 km southwest of Panjin City, China. As the name implies, this beach is indeed red, even similar to the color of blood.

The uniqueness of the Red Beach successfully attracted a lot of tourists’ attention. This beach has become one of the favorite locations of travelers on vacation in China. When he first arrived at Red Beach, many tourists were surprised by him. Its bloody red color horrified every eye that could see, covering almost 6,000 hectares of land.

Biggest Wetland and Reed Marsh in The World

In contrast to the view from afar, when viewed closer, it turns out that the blood-red color is more similar to a giant carpet. This comes from the grass that grows on the edge of the beach, namely sea-blite grass, as written by China Travel site.

Apparently, the red color that covers the Red Beach you can not see at any time. This color can only be seen when autumn begins. At that time, the grass which was originally green turned red. If you want to see it in person, avoid coming in April-May. At that time, the grass was not red, but green. Then, on the mud that surrounds the beach, sea-blite grass will change color gradually.

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September, that’s the best time to enjoy this giant carpet. In that month, the grass begins to turn bright red, and finally covers the entire surface of the beach. From the top of the wooden bridge, you can see this beautiful view more satisfied. Birds that search for food in the lush grass become the perfect sweetener.

China Landscape

There are about 260 species of birds and 399 kinds of wild animals that make this grass their habitat. The most abundant bird on the beach is a seagull. Take a closer look, there is a group of seals playing on the seafront. You can find the endangered Crown Cranes and Black Beaked Gulls there, which is why the area is even called “home of the cranes”.

For photography lovers, don’t miss the opportunity to witness this amazing view. Take out your camera and capture every beautiful moment in this place. To reach Red Beach from Beijing, the distance is around 550 km. No need to worry if you bring your own vehicle. There is plenty of parking available.

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