The Estadio Mestalla is a stadium that is full of history in Spain, the stadium which became the headquarters of the legendary Laliga team has existed and opened in 1916, and until now the Mestalla stadium has undergone several developments. It has become a reasonably modern stadium with various supporting facilities.

With a long history, the stadium is also the headquarters of one of the great Spanish teams, “VALENCIA.” The black figure has been a silent witness of how the Valencia team won various titles of pride for many loyal fans.

Loyal fans of the Valencia team seemed relentless to come to support their team when competing in the Mestalla stadium, and therefore no wonder the bond between supporters and Valencia was so strong with the Mestalla stadium.

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Something is interesting about this Mestalla stadium because there is a display of a ‘figure’ of a black statue that always sits on the spectator’s bench. The black figure looked old, wearing glasses with a fat belly and bring a stick.

Mestalla Stadium statue

The appearance of the black character sitting on the audience bench had made many fans of Valencia wondering. Still, the curiosity was finally answered, because the black statue is a figure of a true Valencia fan named Vicente Aparicio.

Vicente Aparicio is a Valencia fan who always comes to the Mestalla stadium when the Valencia team competes, and he has a canal ticket to watch the Valencia home match, which he continuously extends every year since 1994 until he died at the age of 50 years.

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The love of a Vicente Aparicio for the Valencia team was indeed extraordinary, even when he was suffering from vision problems until finally declared blind, did not discourage him from coming to the Mestalla stadium and supporting his favorite team.

And when Aparicio died, Valencia and the management of the Mestalla stadium decided to make a statue. They installed it in the stadium on the audience bench, and the Aparicio statue was on the seat 164 rows 15 in the middle stand.

This is an extraordinary tribute given to football fans who never tire of supporting their team when competing, even when in conditions that cannot see, and Aparicio is always present at Mestalla to feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the stadium when Valencia fought.

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