Because of the strange behaviour of people drunk, a student in Croatia decided to open the world’s first hangover museum. Creative ideas can indeed come from anywhere like this young man, Rhino Dubokovic, a student in the City of Zagreb, Croatia.

Peek from CNN, Dubokovic, got a funny story when he was drunk with his friends. From here, Dubokovic built a place to capture the story of drunk people, The Museum of Hangover.

Hangover Museum

The museum divided into several exhibition halls. Each exhibit contains stories, wild ideas, and objects carried while drunk. Then there is also a particular room to test reflexes while using beer goggles. Finally, there is a unique interactive space for visitors to share their worst and best hangover experiences.

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What is unique, this museum provides a shop with a special menu, pizza based on Dubokovic’s habit of always ordering pizza when drunk. The purpose of this museum is not to show off drunkenness. Instead, this museum is a place of learning about one’s past. It is common knowledge that drunk people will tell the truth about their dark times.

“In the future, we want to make people aware of the bad things related to alcohol,” Dubokovic said. The Museum of Hangover began to open on 1 December. Dubokovic still calls it a trial. So far, visitors have responded positively.

Dubokovic hopes to get funds to turn this museum into a permanent building. The Museum of Hangover itself is in the City of Zagreb. The museum operates from 11.00-23.00 local time.

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