The World’s First Russia-China Cross-Country Cable Car Project

This cable car project is the first in the world. Not only that, the facility will cross the boundaries of two countries and continents.

Launch Landdisposition, the cable car trip will cross the Russian border to China. The next cool thing is that it takes less than 8 minutes.

Therefore, if you travel to Russia and China it will also be far more beautiful. The location of the cable car will cross the Heihe City in northeast China and connect to Blagoveshchensk City in Russia.

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Passengers will be taken across the Amur River. For information, this river often freezes during the winter and also cities on both sides.

The time of an inter-city cable car ride will take around seven and a half minutes, while the actual travel time is three and a half minutes. Each cable car cabin can carry up to 60 passengers, with extra space for luggage. Later, the train will depart every 15 minutes.

This cable car was designed by an architect from the Netherlands UNStudio. The Blagoveshchensk cable car terminal is built several levels overlooking the Amur River towards Heihe. The design also combines green terraces and highlands as well as restaurants and sky gardens.

“From a distance, passengers will see a terminal that seems to be facing Heihe City,” said Russian consulting firm Strelka KB, which helped manage the project.

Ben van Berkel, founder and principal architect at UNStudio, said the cable car would be the first to combine two countries and cultures.

“This cable car system provides a new form of public transport that is sustainable, very fast, reliable and efficient. This cable car is also a very pleasant way to travel because it allows us to see the sights of cities in a new way,” added Van Berkel.

UNStudio said that construction of the cable and terminal is expected to begin in 2020. UNStudio has also completed the design of the cable car connecting Gothenburg, Sweden, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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