There are so many exciting things a traveler can enjoy while on vacation to the City of Dubai. For the sake of getting to know Dubai deeper, don’t forget to play to the gold market, which is so popular. Gold is a form of self-esteem in Dubai. Gold-plated buildings, gold-sprinkled food, and other gold that travelers can easily find here.

Based on this, there is one antimainstream place that travelers must visit, Dubai Gold Souk. This is the Dubai gold market! Gold Souk is at 54 Al Khor St, Dubai, Old Dubai. Dubai Gold Souk is a traditional gold market that has more than 380 retailers.

The World's Largest Gold Ring Is Here

Maybe if only this sounds no different from other Indonesian markets. But there is one extraordinary thing: Dubai Gold Souk has the world’s most giant gold ring! The ring is displayed by the Kanz Dubai Jewelry store. Incidentally, this shop is in the front row. No wonder the location is crowded with people who want to take pictures with this ring background.

Dubai Frame, the Largest Gold-Plated Photo Frame in the World

The ring was given the name Najmat Taiba. The ring weighs 63.8 kg with a 21-carat gold layer. This is only the first store. Once inside, many shops showcase the beauty of their jewelry in various forms. If in front there was the world’s biggest ring, there is also a shop that has clothes and gold outer.

Dubai Gold Souk

Quoted from, this ring was worth $ 547,000 to make back in 2000, when gold was valued at around $ 250 an ounce. The price of gold has been traded and now trades around $ 1,497 per ounce.

This market hallway is closed with canopy and cone block roads. Many tourists come here to look around. In front of the display window, shop employees were seen offering various languages. Don’t be surprised to hear that they provide it in multiple languages. A large number of visitors from this country makes them quite fluent in foreign languages.

They do not hesitate to invite you into the shop to bid. Although negotiable, the quality of gold in this market is outstanding. Many come here to buy wedding dowries. This market is not just a place to sell gold, but one of the tourist attractions in the city of Dubai.

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