There is No Hainanese Rice on Hainan Island

Hainanese rice is often found in Imigran Chinese restaurants. Only, is it true that it came from Hainan Island? visited China of Hawaii some time ago. In contrast to mainland China, Hainan has a tropical climate with a number of tourist attractions that are ready to pamper tourists.

Because of the seriousness of the local government, they provide subsidies for foreign tourists to come in various matters such as accommodation and transportation. To the extent, the price of a tour to Hainan is much cheaper than backpacking.

How far? Ticket prices to Hainan with a budget airline of $800 using a scheduled flight. However, the government provides subsidies and combines with a consortium to provide charter flights. This successfully made the tour price only sold around $1200, which before 2018 was sold at $2000.

Well, besides that Hainan also has a culinary stigma of rice cooked with coconut milk and chicken or duck topping. However, did Hainanese Rice actually cuisine in Hainan?

According to Tony, a tour leader who has often visited Hainan, there was no Hainanese Rice there. Hainanese rice is a food made by Chinese descendants in various areas.

“If there aren’t any originals here, there isn’t any stamp cay,” he said.

Tony said the question was often asked by participants on his tour. Of course, because Hainanese rice is commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

“Actually there isn’t when asked by local people they are confused,” he added.

Then, what are the culinary delights on Hainan Island? Generally not much different from Indonesia. Such as stir-fried vegetables, fried duck and various seafood. Likewise with snacks. Such as fast food or meatballs and a variety of fresh fruit. Even so, Hainan is famous for its coconut palms.

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