Things You Can Do If You Are On Vacation in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Located at the northwestern tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in Papua, Raja Ampat, the easternmost island of the Indonesian archipelago, is literally “the four kings”. The name Raja Ampat itself comes from a legend that a woman found seven eggs, four of which hatched and became kings of the four main islands, while the other three became a woman, a ghost, and a stone.

Raja Ampat undoubtedly offers one of the most remarkable experiences in the world. The territory of the Four Kings is immense and covers an area of 9.8 million acres, housing 540 types of coral, over 1000 types of coral fish, and 700 types of mollusks. This makes it the world’s most diverse living library for coral reefs and underwater biota.

How to Get Raja Ampat

To reach the Raja Ampat area, you need to go to Sorong city first. Various national airlines fly there, Garuda, Sriwijaya, Express Air, from various big cities such as Jakarta, Manado or Makassar. You can also set connecting flights from Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, and Singapore. From Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong, you need to go to the port to take a ferry to cross to Waigeo Island, to Waisai Port, or to other islands like Misool.

From there, your residence will most likely pick you up. Make sure you arrange this pickup with your accommodation.

Things To Do

Scuba Diving

Raja Ampat Scuba Diving

The number one activity in Raja Ampat is scuba diving. Most likely, you and your partner will live on the edge or near the beach. Contact the diving center near your accommodation to arrange your dive trips. If you and your partner are not divers, you can still enjoy the underwater beauty with snorkeling.

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Live like locals


There are many lodgings offered by residents or residents of Weigo Island who are a homestay. This residence is suitable for those of you who do not want to burn bags for lodging costs. However, even though it is relatively cheap, this homestay is still clean and pleasant. If the homestay is not your taste, there are large and more expensive resorts in Misool for you.

Island hopping

vacation on beach

You can rent a motorized boat from a local resident to carry around the area near your accommodation. There are a lot of things you can do, from seeing birds or bird watching to tours of unique islands, to picnics on private beach sambal, waiting for a beautiful sunset view.

Some homestay inns or small islands will use a generator to supply their electricity needs between the afternoon and midnight, although many will stay on all night. Shopping stores are also very limited. Make sure you buy the various items you need before reaching the inn.

And cellular telephone signals are also limited. Get ready for no signal while there. Raja Ampat is a paradise in the world with beautiful scenery. Enjoy the silence and the world that is untouched by the noise of modern life and respect the local life.

Local Foods


Daily meals – morning, afternoon, and evening you and your partner are usually provided or included in the price of your stay. This has its own advantages where you will not spend more money on food and your holiday budget will be safer. Unless you buy extra things, like beer and other drinks.

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