Things You Must Know Before Vacationing in Egypt

Various activities you can do in Egypt include exploring Ras Mohammed National Park to see beautiful coral reefs and fish in the sea, riding camels to the top of Mount Sinai, or waking up in the morning to hear the sound of the breeze from the Colossus of Memnon site. All of this will further amaze you with the beauty of Egypt. Well, so that your trip runs smoothly, here are some things that must be known before vacationing to Egypt.

Finding Out the Best Time

Summer in Egypt occurs in June, July, and August. In March, April, October, and November the weather is better and not too hot. You can come this season. In December and January, the Egyptian weather is the coldest. In that month, tourism costs are usually lower.

The Best Season Visits Egypt

If you want to visit a warmer place, just visit tourist destinations in parts of southern Egypt such as the Nile, Luxor, and Aswan regions. To explore the Nile by cruise ship, you can visit between October and April. All you need to know, as an Islamic country, shops and tourist attractions in Egypt may have limited opening hours during religious festivals and holy days.

Setting up a Travel Budget

Egypt has a number of five-star hotels and restaurants. You will not run out of lodging choices or places to eat here. Everything can be adjusted to your budget. Some popular hotel choices are in Cairo. Although most of these hotels are in the middle class, the average facilities are quite good.

Even already very well known by tourists. For food, you can choose several types of Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus, kebabs, and the like. To save money, you can buy it in the market. When buying, don’t forget to bargain. This also applies when you want to buy souvenirs in the market.

Other tips to save budget, you must know when the best time to go to Egypt. It’s best to avoid school holidays because the cost of airplane tickets and accommodation is usually more expensive. The best ticket price is most likely you can get in December and January.

Be Careful When Buying Tickets During the Trip

These tips have become a general rule, especially for those of you who travel independently. If you go to Egypt, you should buy a ticket through an Egyptian person you trust. When you get there, you might not understand anything, because the majority of Egyptians only speak Arabic and only a small percentage understand English.

By buying a ticket from a trusted party you will avoid fraud or other losses. To be safer, you can use the services of a travel tour agent to arrange ticket purchases and other things related to your trip.


Comply With All Regulations While Visiting Tourist Attractions

When visiting tourist attractions in Egypt, you need to know that there are some rules that must be obeyed. When visiting the Mount Sinai area, for example, you are not permitted to go up the mountain without a local guide. You need to know there are two ways to reach the top. The first, using a path called ‘camel road’ which has a length of about 7 kilometres. In addition to this route, there are other roads that resemble stairs with a length of about 4 kilometres.

Whatever path you choose, one thing that is certain is that you must have a fit and healthy body condition when going up the mountain. Be careful while taking the hiking trail. Bring some extra clothes (because mountain air is usually very cold, even in summer the temperature can reach around 5 degrees Celsius).

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Don’t forget to tip your local guide (because they usually don’t receive a lot of money from tour agents and they have been willing to do climbing almost every day). You can do this as a form of thanks for their services. One more important thing, bring food during the trip because you don’t meet food vendors around the mountain area.

Look for Flight Tickets and Tours at the Best Prices

One of the important things you need to know before travelling to Egypt is the price of airline tickets which will usually be different each year. For that, you need to find information about it in advance. Just check and compare ticket rates with online comparison sites before you choose and decide to buy a ticket.

The variation in ticket prices can be so high that you won’t even believe in the difference in price. By knowing the accurate ticket price, you can adjust the cost of purchasing tickets with your budget.

Be careful about choosing food and drinks

During the trip, you can buy bottled water. This bottled drink is quite cheap and can be found anywhere. It is better to stay away from ice drinks because this will increase the risk of developing sore throat due to the Egyptian weather which tends to be hot. Choose fresh fruits for you to eat.

Although many delicacies can be easily found here such as flatbread and meat with local spices, you may not know how long the food is stored in the freezer or in what way. So to be safer, you can choose certain restaurants that already have a name or trusted for you to stop by.

Things You Must Know Before Vacationing in Egypt

Preparing Physical Conditions as Well as Possible

If you have a desire to go to Egypt, then go now. However, make sure that your body condition is good enough. Tourist destinations in Egypt, most of which are outdoors such as temples, tombs, and especially the pyramids, do not have special facilities such as wheelchairs or easy trails.

You need to know that the road to the pyramid or gravesite is mostly steep and quite deep. You also need to be fit and agile enough to get past it. So the point is, don’t wait a few more years to go to Egypt. If you are fit enough and ready to face challenges, plan your trip soon to this beautiful place.

Choose Safe Transportation

For those of you who are travelling to Egypt as an independent traveller or solo traveller, you should take a taxi if you want to go to a certain place. If you take a group tour, still use a tour vehicle to travel. Don’t rent a car or drive alone in Cairo. This is because the streets in Cairo are very crowded and prone to congestion.

Even if there is an accident caused by heavy traffic, some drivers will not hesitate to blame each other in the middle of the road and then just leave. So, make sure you are ready to deal with events like this. If you still want to rent a private vehicle, the city of Aswan and Luxor can be a better choice. Try to use car rental services in both cities.

That’s a number of important tips you need to know when travelling to Egypt. Hopefully, this information can be useful to you. If Egypt is already on your visit list, immediately plan your departure. Egypt is a place that is safe, friendly, economical and not yet filled with global tourists, so you will be able to enjoy every moment of your trip to Egypt.

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