The flag has long been a symbol of the power of a government or region. In addition to playing colors, flags also are given signs. Of the many signs, mythological animals are often a choice. Like these two countries, Bhutan and Wales, compiled by from various sources, Bhutan and Wales both made dragons as a symbol of their flag.

About Wales & Bhutan Flags

Although both dragons, the shape is a little different. Let’s start with Bhutan, which is part of South Asia. Bhutan has a symbol of the lightning dragon named Druk or Thunder Dragon. An orange color motivates the Druk symbol. Orange is a symbol of the spiritual culture of Buddhism, while yellow is a tradition.

The Druk is seen floating with a ball in each of them. The ball is a piece of jewelry that symbolizes Bhutan’s wealth. The dragon itself looks roaring, which means the population of Bhutan will not bow to the invaders. Dragon Druk has given a white color that symbolizes the purity and purity of the people of Bhutan.

Chimi Lhakhang, Bhutanese Buddhist Temple That Respects Penis

Different within the State of Wales, England. The dragon on the Wales flag is red with wings that expand. Truly the appearance of a dragon in the western world. Wales Dragon is a symbol of battle from the time of King Henry VII. The red dragon has become a symbol of Roman-British rule. This dragon symbol continues to be used as a symbol of victory.

When aligned in a specific order, these two flags can be seen facing each other (or even back to back) because the Druk Dragon and the Wales dragon are indeed facing different directions. Although both dragons, this symbol looks different.

In addition to the two countries, there is also Malta, which has a dragon on its flag. But the figure of a dragon on the flag of Malta is far different from that of Wales and Bhutan. The Malta Dragon is very small, precisely as part of the George Cross badge located in the upper corner of the flag.

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