Vacation is the most fun thing. You can visit the tourist attractions of your dreams, taste a variety of foods and meet new people. Doing all these things can certainly make all your boredom disappear.

However, when the holidays are over, you have to face challenges, one of them clearing luggage. summarizes some tips from various sources that you can do to eliminate the feeling of laziness and immediately tidy up all your luggage.

Bring Bags for Dirty Clothes

One factor that makes someone lazy to tidy up luggage after a vacation is dirty clothes. What’re more, dirty clothes mixed with clean clothes that didn’t get used when on vacation. Therefore, you must carry a unique bag.

That way, every time you finish using the clothes, and you don’t have time to wash them while on vacation, you can separate the clothes in different bags.

When you return from vacation, you can immediately separate the dirty clothes bag from another luggage bag. If you do that, you can easily tidy up all your luggage, especially clothes.

Use Bags that Contain Lots of Stuff

Sometimes, we feel lazy to clean luggage after the holidays. This is because they feel confused to clean what things first. Even more so if you carry lots of bags and forget what items are in them.

Therefore, before going on a trip, it is better only to carry a few bags with a large capacity. That way, you will be easier to unload luggage and tidy it up to places like before without feeling lazy.

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Before you go home, you should rearrange items that will take from a vacation spot. That way, you will find it easier to disassemble and tidy it up when you get home.

If you only carry three bags with a large capacity, you can group them into bags containing dirty clothes, bags containing clean clothes and bags containing souvenirs.

Place the Bag in the Right Place

Feeling lazy that you think to unpack and clean all your belongings during the holidays sometimes makes you put things in one place. Either in the living room when you just arrived or in another room in your house.

In fact, at times like that, you will increasingly feel lazy and burdened, because they have to carry each of these bags into a room that will make it easier to unpack the contents.

You can Anticipate this by Placing the Bags in the Right Room

When you get home, you can put a unique container for dirty clothes into the studio to wash clothes. While a bag of clean clothes, you can immediately put in a room close to the closet.

Then, for a souvenir bag or a bag containing other items, you can put it in a place that is easily cleaned. For a dirty clothes bag, it’s a good idea to place it close to the washing machine, so you can immediately remove dirty clothes without having to walk first.

Turn on the Music to be More Excited

Even though you have a few tips on the most effective ways to unpack and pack your belongings after the holidays, sometimes feeling lazy still strikes. Therefore, you can tidy up everything, while listening to music.

That way, you will not be bored when washing clothes, returning clean clothes to the wardrobe, sorting souvenirs, and cleaning accessories and toiletries that you carry while on vacation.

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