One of the overseas destinations that are currently in demand is the country of South Korea. Full of cultural diversity, cool tourist attractions, and a storehouse of shopping, it’s no wonder that South Korea is one of the destinations of Millennials to spend their holidays.

In addition to preparing a budget and carrying a Korean dictionary, you must download an application that helps tourists spend their time in this Ginseng country. Here are 10 of the Top and Best Korean Travel Applications You Need to Download:

Air Visual Apps

Air Visual, Korean Travel Apps

Air Visual provides weather, temperature, and air pollution levels per district in South Korea, which is categorized by hours and colours every day. If the application displays orange, it is expected that people use masks while the red colour means a ban on outdoor activities.

Korean Translator Apps

Naver Papago, Best Korean Travel Apps is a mandatory application for tourists who cannot communicate using Korean. This application can translate Korean writing through sounds or typed manually. also provides voice features that allow Korean translation results to be heard.

Naver Maps Apps

Naver Maps, Korean Travel Apps

Naver Maps is more accurate than using Google Maps to find locations in South Korea. To use it, you only need to write the name of the street or building destination. Then the choice of routes can be chosen via car, public transportation, bicycle or pedestrian.

Another advantage of this application is the display of street view and the nearest bus route to the destination by showing the nearest station and bypassed. Application users are not required to write the address using Korean or Hangul writing because the application is available in English.

Kakao Driver Apps

Kakao Driver, Korean Travel Apps

Kakao Driver is a private driver renter application. This application allows users to hire a driver to drive their vehicle to your destination. Keep in mind, Kakao Driver is your car driver’s service, not a taxi service that can be called.

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Kakao Taxi Apps

Kakao Taxi, Korean Travel Apps

Kakao Taxi available in English makes this application often the choice of tourists besides taking a bus or train in South Korea. This application offers payment via credit and cash cards. You can order and wait at the cafe or hotel until the driver picks you up.

Hired taxis can be chosen based on needs. There are female-only taxis, smart taxis for emergency taxis, and general requests for taxis are available near the user’s location. The drawback of this application is when there is a traffic jam or too many users. Sometimes it’s hard to find a driver.

YaNolJa Apps

YaNolJa, Korean Travel Apps

This application originated in Japan. Yanolja accommodation became famous in South Korea in the late 1980s. YaNolJa offers the closest hotels around the user’s location. This application automatically loads the user, adjusts hotel prices, photos, facilities to the number of rooms available at the hotel, and then provides special discounts in the form of discounts from the application.

ClubPass Apps

ClubPass, Korean Travel Apps

For foreign tourists who want to have clubbing experience in Korea can make a club reservation at the Club Pass. In this application, the user can search for the nearest club to various locations, view photos of the inside of the club, as well as related information before then determining the date and time of arrival.

Gmarket Apps

Gmarket, Korean Travel Apps

Gmarket is a popular online trading place in South Korea. This application makes it easy for tourists who don’t have time to go around Korean shopping centres to buy lots of Korean-made items such as makeup, skincare, fashion, perfume, to K-pop idol merchandise. Payment in transactions in this application using credit cards and e-banking. Unfortunately, the prices of online shops in Korea more expensive than goods in stores.

Yogiyo and Baemin Apps

Yogiyo and Baemin, Korean Travel Apps

For culinary lovers who want to taste typical Korean food without leaving the inn, it is advisable to use the Yogiyo or Baemin application. This application is similar to the famous Grabfood in Singapore. Koreans use Yogiyo and Baemin as the most popular food shuttle application in Korea.

Kakao Metro Apps

Kakao Metro, Korean Travel Apps

Kakao Metro provides train and station travel routes. In addition to the train route, this application also provides the first to last train schedule every day. Users can choose the fastest route or the simplest route to the estimated train arrival time. Don’t worry for users who can’t read Hanja because Kakao Metro app provides Latin writing features for each station name.

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